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Summer Home Maintenance Tasks You Won't Want To Miss

A lot of home maintenance jobs are perfect for winter when it’s cold enough to want to stay inside. However, your home obviously has an exterior too, and the warm, dry weather of summer makes it the perfect time to do these jobs, and catch some sun and fresh air while you’re at it. There are also a couple of interior jobs which are far better in the warmer weather since you won’t be reliant on central heating for maintaining a comfortable temperature. As the weather starts to warm up and the sun digs out its hat, give some thought to getting these home maintenance tasks while the weather is good.

Get the roof checked

The ice, wind, and rain of winter can play havoc with your roof, but these problems are usually completely undetectable from inside. Checking your roof annually, in either spring or summer, will enable you to find a small problem, such as a loose tile or a little hole, before it becomes a huge, leaky catastrophe. A quick visual inspection is all it takes it avoid little problems becoming much larger, far more expensive issues.

Clean gutters

Autumn and winter will see roofing gutters filled with decomposing leaves, which can quickly lead to drainage problems and even damp and leaks into the main house. After spring, blossom and seeds can also clog the gutter. It’s best to try to clean them twice a year, once in early winter and once in early summer in order to ensure drainage is never affected, especially if you live in quite a leafy or suburban area.

Check out your central heating

In winter, a boiler breakage can result in a few chilly days. In summer, it goes almost unnoticeable, save for the growing pile of washing up and a couple of rather nippy showers. To save money, ensure your central heating is turned off, and if you have a combi boiler, turn it to hot water only. If you use gas oil to heat your home, now is a great time to stock up as prices tend to drop over the summer when it’s in lower demand. Turn your heating on once a month and allow radiators to start to warm, just to ensure everything is still working smoothly. If something does go wrong, you’ll have a far more comfortable wait, and usually, a far shorter wait, as plumbers tend to have longer waiting lists in autumn and winter when most people discover boiler problems which come about in summer.

Give the exterior some TLC

Summer is the perfect time to paint the window frames, do some gardening, pressure wash the driveway, or clear out the garage. The warm weather makes it almost a pleasant job, and it’s a great way to ensure you get outdoors. Freshly repainted woodwork is far more protected from the elements as the autumn rolls around, so leaks or possible rot are kept at bay. When you want your home to look beautiful, make the most of the summer to beautify it.

Summer is the perfect time for many home maintenance tasks, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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