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Bring A Touch Of Classic Luxury To Your Living Spaces

When everything your heart could desire is available on the market, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. The problem is with some of the more modern furniture is that it can go out of style quite quickly, and it just doesn’t necessarily seem made to last anymore. The classics, in so many cases, are best. From beautifully crafted Eastern rugs to traditional orangeries, luxury hasn’t really changed over the centuries. Here’s how to make your home look expensive, ensure it’s made to last, and bring some classic luxury into your life, without spending your life savings.

Choose rich colours

Deep, rich hues can bring a really elegant and beautiful dimension to a home, and when used carefully can add depth and definition to a room, without making it seem dark or oppressive. A good rule of thumb is using white or bright neutral shades on walls which don’t benefit from natural light, and deeper purples, reds, and teals on walls which sunlight hits. This use of both brighter and deeper colours allows your room to be opened up, but it also looks very luxurious. Consider accessorising with dark wooden hat stands, artwork in dark frames, and even taxidermy (fake or real) if you’re feeling adventurous.

Bring in a traditional rug

Traditional Persian rugs can be bought relatively inexpensively online, although it’s the sort of home addition you can essentially spend what you like on. What it does, however, is really help to create zones in a larger room, but also bring comfort and luxury to a hardwood or flagstone floor. This type of rug looks expensive, however much you spend. It can bring colour and sumptuousness to a plainly decorated room, and just looks very classical.

Build an extra room

If you lament the lack of space in your home and would like to spend more time in your garden, without having to bear the harsh weather, then why not buy an orangery? There’s something really lovely about heading out into an orangery on a warm day, and it really does add an element of flexibility to your room space. You could bring out your dining table and sofas to make it into a major part of your home, or you could simply put chairs and a few plants in there and treat it like a refuge from the craziness of the rest of the home.

Go romantic with your artwork

What you decide to put on your walls really reflects how you see your home. Modern, minimalist styles make a home seem just that - modern. If you want a home with a little more classic luxury, try more ornate, historical styles. You don’t have to fork out millions of pounds for originals (the example above might be considered overkill) - prints in elaborate frames do the job just as well, and add serious interest and focal points to the wall.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Finally, don’t ever be afraid to experiment with colours and styles you enjoy - the beauty of a more classic style is that less isn’t necessarily more, so there is plenty of room for colours and patterns, as well as all sorts of interesting trinket and accessories.

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