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Dig Deep For This Tropical Oasis

So, you want a garden that you can entertain your friends in? That will wow them and make them feel as if they have been transported to another time or place? Then the tropical oasis garden is perfect for you, and here how to get it.

The overall design


Obviously, the first thing you need to work out before you start digging at all is the overall design that you will be going with. That means you need to consider the size of the space that you are working with, along with how much light each part of the garden gets, and what you what you will be using the space for.

Check out Fine Gardening Magazine and Garden Designs for inspiration. You can even have a go at designing your own garden with tools like Garden Planner Online. Or just leave it to the professional if you are more about results than budget.

The planting

Now, once you have a plan to work form the next thing to set into place is the planting scheme that you are going for. In a tropical oasis style garden that means exotic plants like palm and ferns.


Try Trachycarpus fortunei
and Chamaerops humilis
to give you lush, dense green foliage tan then add a pop of color her and here with some stunning examples of Bird Of Paradise and Flamingo Flowers.


Remember too, that you will need to invest in these plants as growing them from seed without a greenhouse is going to take a long time! Unfortunately, buying pre-cultured plants is a little more expensive. But needs must when the devil drives, and you want your outdoor space to be ready by next month for that informal little get together than your planning!

The entertaining space

Once you have the planting under control, then you need to start to think about the actual space in which you will do most of your entertaining in. It helps to have a delineated area set aside for this, such as a patio or a deck.

This gives a focal point for the guys at your party to congregate around, and also provides a usable outdoor space for the family when you are not entertaining.

You can delineate the entertaining space cleverly through lighting as well. Whether you chose to hang string lights around, the outside to provide a pretty boundary line. Or use larger more sculptural light orbs, to draw people into the space and give the area some focus.

Consider the location of this space to the rest of the garden and home though as well. Yes, it's nice to have it a little way away from the house. As this help you to feel immersed in the garden of exotic and tropical plants.

However, too far away from the house, especially the kitchen makes hosting parties nightmare. Unless you are going to employ someone to run back and forward with canapes and drink refills all night.

Providing Cover

While dining alfresco is lovely, you will also want to make provisions in case the weather isn't on your side at the time of the party.  That means having some covered or semi-cover place in the garden that folks can retreat too if things get too hot or too wet.


Options for this include garden rooms where all of the windows open and bring the sense outdoors in. Or if you want to avoid major building works and adding costs to your garden renovation, why not go for something like this DIY verandah? Which is just perfect for protecting your guests and your decorations from the elements in style.

Water features

Something that is bound to evoke the tropical mood is if you install a water feature in our garden. Most people think that these are complicated and take a lot of money and work. But actually, there are super stylishly premade features that you can now get that are relatively easy to install.


The relaxing spaces

Of course, you won't want everything in your garden to be about entertaining a large group of people. In fact, it's also nice to have some more private, and relaxing spaces that are a little more intimate.

You can achieve this effect in a number of ways. Firstly, you can install outdoor furniture at specific points in the garden. Perhaps where a tree or bush give some privacy? Or where there is a beautiful view. Which can create a magical escape from the hustle and bustle of everything.  

Or you can be clever with your planting and use different levels, and density of foliage to create what they call garden rooms. Which means dividing the space up into smaller areas with only natural materials.


No exotic garden, especially one that is designed with entertaining in mind would be complete without furniture. Happily, this is something in which there is an embarrassment of riches. In fact, it may be that the only problem you have is deciding between two particularly wonderful pieces for your outside space.

For a truly exotic look why not channel a retro vibe and go for wicker, and bamboo chairs and two seaters sofas. Make sure that they have a modern edge by painting them in bright colors with mismatched cushions to set them off.

Then there is the wonderful idea that is cabanas. Traditionally used in poolside or beach settings, you can easily site these in your garden to give some authentic tropical style.

Basically, there are wooden decks with roof, and curtain on the side. On the deck is placed cushions to lounge around on while sipping tropical cocktails, and generally having a wonderful time. I'm sure you get the idea.

Lastly, why not consider initially wrap around sofa on your veranda or deck? This is when all the sides of the area are converted into comfy seating. Which makes a wonderful almost club-like atmosphere for you guests.

You can buy ready-made garden sofas and install them. Or construct your own with this handy guide. Just make sure to accessorize with loads of throw pillow and few of these cute coffee tables for folks to rest their drinks and snacks on.

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