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Droning On: What Exactly Is A UAV?

An aerial photo of a path through a forest on red soil

Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard the word drone mentioned in a couple of different contexts. As the bigger of the two, at least in the news, unmanned military vehicles cover a large part of this industry, making a lot of people very unhappy. Of course, though, this doesn’t reflect the wide range of uses for this sort of vehicle. To give you an idea of how modern drones are used, this post will be exploring these small flying machines, and what they are being used for around the world.

Cinema: In the past, the only way for a camera operator to get into the sky would be using a helicopter. Requiring a pilot and copilot, along with the person taking the film, this would cost a small fortune. Drones have the power to make this process a lot cheaper, though, as they give directors access to the sky with only a single person to control it all. Of course, a drone is also much cheaper than a helicopter.

Crop/Farm Management: Some of the world’s farms are much larger than you might expect. Covering areas as large a cities, it can be hard for farmers to complete all of their work without the help of a company like Drone World Australia. In this field, drones are used to herd cattle, check produce, and treat crops against disease and insect infestation.

Rescue: Mountains, the ocean, and deserts are all very dangerous places, with people having to be rescued from them on a regular basis. With the help of drones, the teams running these operations are able to cover a lot more ground, without putting more people at risk. This makes it possible to find someone without a single person leaving the station, only scrambling a rescue team once the person has been located.

Sports: There are a lot of sporting events which can benefit a lot from an aerial view. Football games, racing events, and loads of other high-movement activities are being enhanced by drones in the modern age. Of course, this isn’t just for entertainment, though, as having this sort of perspective can make it a lot easier to make challenging judgement calls.

Asset Assessment: Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the ways that businesses look after the assets which they own. A telephone mast, for example, would be very expensive to repair if it became faulty, and sending people to test it on regular basis is very expensive. To solve this issue, a lot of businesses are starting to use drones for this job, as they are able to work tirelessly without having to be paid.

With all of this in mind, it should be a lot easier to see the benefit of these sorts of devices on the modern world. There may be bad press surrounding devices like this, having been abused by governments and people for a long time. As their further promise shines through, though, times will quickly start to change.
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