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Mobile Ways To Satisfy The Travelling Gamer

We gamers know that balancing a job, a relationship and generally taking the time to upkeep yourself can take a lot of time out of your day. Modern video games are often time consuming, long, narrative based affairs, and it can be hard to allocate time to play them well. It can also sometimes make you feel guilty playing them, especially if you have children or other responsibilities.

There’s no reason as to why you should, some people enjoy video games like others enjoy television shows or reading, it’s just what they prefer. There have been studies proving that gaming helps improve reactivity times and critical thinking skills, so it’s not all bad. However, when we’re out and about, commuting to our job or generally travelling long distances, our gaming time that originally served to unwind us disappears into the ether.

Thankfully, with the advent of mobile gaming, it’s easy than ever to get a few minutes of fun, absorbing gameplay in. Try a few of the following options to satisfy the inner video game nerd when it really begs for attention.

Emulating Software

This is only to be recommended if you own a copy of the original game on a handheld device, but no longer have access to it. If you’re on the App or Play Store, multiple emulation software packages are available to allow your smartphone to run like a GameBoy or other Nintendo
or Sony Handheld System.

Downloading ‘ROMs’ (files) of the games you have before is great if you own a legal and valid copy of the original game. You can store these on your smartphone, and play them at your convenience. One of the added benefits here is that you can save your game at any point in case a real life situation arises that means you need to stop playing. You can often also play with increased fidelity of graphics, and can store multiple ‘ROMs’ on one smartphone storage card.

App or Play Store Games

At first glance, they seemed gimmicky. The advent of freemium gaming turned a lot of people off of the idea of it, as the ‘pay to progress’ system seemed to universal, and it didn’t make for a very fair playing experience. However, developers quickly realized the errors of their ways, and now you can download some of the best titles of the last generations happily through these gaming stores. Square Enix for example, the popular Japanese publisher, has released most of the original Final Fantasy games for purchase on these mobile stores. These games offer fantastic narrative journeys that are comparative to a novel.

Gaming Apps

If you’re tired of the big budget apps, why not try some of the smaller, but arguably more fun gaming or gambling apps? There are many such as chess, or if you use a gambling app, you can play a range of the best casino games while going about your business, and win money, which is a tangible and awesome result of your gaming time. For the best experience, check here.

Overall, gaming is like never before. As the silicon chip becomes more refined and more diminutive, it’s never been a better time to be a gamer. Sometimes a triple AAA title isn’t what’s required. Sometimes you need to bring it back to basics, and that is sometimes enough to satisfy the avid gamer in you.
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