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Reasons Why Having Parents Who Are Your BFFs Is Awesome


We recently stumbled across an article, in a newspaper, that was left on the table at a cafe we went to, and it got us thinking. The article was about why parents should be their kids best parents and not their best friends. Well, to put it bluntly, we don’t agree with this in the slightest. We’re not sure what hogwash means exactly, but it seems like a pretty good word to describe that article.

But our thinking didn’t stop there. Oh no. Our thinking led to talking and that talking led to us listing all of the reasons why being best friends with your parents is amazing! It’s one of those 10 things you’ll wish you had realised before 30. Luckily for you, we have listed the best of the bunch, meaning you can call your BFF-parents right now and tell them they are your BFF-parents.


1. The Music
Oh my god, some of the best music we’ve ever heard, the very music that stirred our hearts and our soul and sent us on a certain musical path is the direct result of our parents. They are the ones that introduce us to the legends and not just the radio-loving songs they did, but the rawest albums and the best songs. We’re talking about Clapton’s Layla, but when it was first released by Derek And The Dominos, and then going through Elvis back catalog, before hitting Led Zep and, yeah, all of that stuff. Parents are way cooler than you give them credit for.

2. The Trust
Honesty is the best policy, there are no two ways around that fact. It’s just how it is, and that is where having an amazing relationship with your parents comes in. You can tell them everything and they’ll do the same. This two-way trust brings about some of the great liberties in life. It could be that you think your divorced parents should each get out more, and because of your close relationship you can tell them about senior dating sites without getting awkward, and even go with them. It’s not weird when you’re their friends. The same goes for any trouble you get into. Finances, relationships, car accident; if you know you can trust them, you’ll be able to talk to them, and that’s part of being alright.


3. You Never Need To Make Plans
If your parents are your BFFs then they’ll pretty much be up for doing anything you want to do. There is absolutely no shame in hanging out with your mom and dad on Friday night, and Saturday night, because they are legends, and way cooler than any of your friends. Movie night. Cool. Clubbing. Let’s do it. Ten Pin Bowling. Wicked. It doesn’t matter what you fancy doing, you’ll always have someone to do it with. It’s amazing.

4. The Food. Oh, The Food.

Admit it, you suck at cooking. You probably will always suck at cooking. So do your friends. In fact, they’re even worse than you are. Of course, you could eat out, but that would get expensive. Or, you could go and hang out with your parental best friends while eating the best homemade cooking ever known to man, woman, or anything. The kitchen at your parent's house just houses some of the best memories anyone can have, and that can continue forever when your besties (you’ll also stand a way better chance of learning how to cook yourself).

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