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Spending An Afternoon Playing Games For Free

Satisfying the inner gamer inside needn’t be a costly affair. Sure there are brilliant consoles, designed by some of the best technology companies that will set you back hundreds of dollars, including the television and TV. But if you’re just traveling, or not that into big-budget titles, you can easily satisfy the urge to play games, and without spending a penny!

No matter if you enjoy winning money online through sites like Foxy Bingo, or generally playing silly flash games with cute little stories, there’s something for everyone these days. The best areas to find these games are included in the following list:

Chrome Extensions

The Chrome web store functions similarly to the android store. If you’re don’t have an android smartphone, the games you can find on that marketplace are largely available through chrome extensions to your web browser. Games like Cut The Rope or Angry Birds are available through there, and feature statistics tracking and save state capabilities. This means that there’s no reason why you can’t play a few small games that test your reflex ability and puzzle-solving why you’re traveling on your commute because these games can be played offline too.

Flash Games

Flash games experienced their peak popularity in the mid-2000s when real artists and software developers tried to make name for themselves using this burgeoning new format. It culminated in an online library of many beautifully drawn, interestingly written experiences that’s easy to lose time to. If you’re interested in how stories can be told in a limited gaming format, this is one of your best best. Check out lists of the best flash games online to see the ones worth playing. You’d be surprised at some of the artistic messages select games try to convey.

Mobile Apps

Akin to the chrome extension web store, the iPhone or Android app stores feature a plentiful and growing base of free games that are available for download at any time. Even big-budget IP’s are now available in their mobile forms for little to no cost. Trials, the popular side-scrolling motocross console game has a mobile derivative for example.

Free to Play Steam Games or MMOs.

Video games are saturated in the online environment these days, and that means digital distribution platforms like Steam or Origin often offer games for free. This is also the case for MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games that are out of their prime subscription period are largely offered to play for free. This means that you can delve deep into a video game structure without having to pay even the slightest subscription fee. Most of them run on even the most rudimentary laptops too, so purchasing powerful hardware needn’t be a consideration.

No matter what you choose, sometimes scratching that gaming itch will be easier than you think. As tempting as it is to run into your closest game store and purchase the new video game console, sometimes the best experiences are online, and free, or could win you money. As with anything, a little online research will be fruitful.

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