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Drinks | Diet cider, is it over hyped?

Summer is just around the corner and that means one thing - Warm weather! There is nothing better than a cold drink during the warmer months, and kicking back and satisfying that thirst seems like a necessity.  I enjoy an ice cold beer as much as anyone else, but that seems a tad generic, don't you think?

My most recent drink of choice is cider, more specifically from the brand Kopparberg. Before I had tried the drinks in their range I,  rather naively, presumed cider came in one flavour: Apple. Other brands I have tried are often very dry and uninspiring, so it was a nice surprise to taste the sweet, refreshing notes that make Kopparberg so popular.

The flavours in the range and size options are: 

330ml glass bottle | Pear, Mixed fruit, Strawberry & Lime, Raspberry

500ml glass bottle | Pear, Mixed fruit, Strawberry & Lime, Elderflower & Lime, Raspberry, Blueberry and lime, Naked Apple, Summer fruits (Light), Spiced Apple (Limited)

250ml slim can |  Summer fruits (Light), Mixed fruits, Strawberry & Lime, Raspberry (Light)

330ml can | Pear, Mixed fruit, Strawberry & Lime and Raspberry.

440ml can | Pear

Elyse enjoys all of the flavours, however, I'm not that keen on the Elderflower & Lime one but the fact that the raspberry one is so good makes up for it.

For those of you who are worried about your calorie intake, then do not fret as Kopparberg have a "Light" variety of their range. I've found that a lot of Light/Reduced calorie variants of some products are generally crap, but for some reason, this doesn't ring true for Kopparberg's. 

At the time of writing this I'm drinking one of their new additions; Kopparberg Raspberry Light Cider, which as described on the 250ml tin (RRP £1.60), is a "Swedish apple cider with a taste of raspberry". While it's not as good as the raspberry standard, it definitely holds its own with it's refreshing and almost juice like the taste, and at 85 calories per tin (4% alcoholic volume) it is a guilt-free way to enjoy the great flavours of this brand. 

I'm not really one for counting calories, so I went into this taste test with more bias towards the non-diet versions, however, I really enjoyed the diet one as the only real difference between the two variants is the diet one is less fizzy and less sweet. 

Am I going to be replacing the non-diet with the diets ones? Probably not, but I will be waiting for the weekend so that I can pick up (or attempt to) one of the recently revived 5ltr full calorie kegs that they have on offer, wish me luck! 

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