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How to Make a Horses Coat Shine

Like any horse owner, you’ll probably want to know that you’re doing your best for your horse. One way to know that your horse is thriving is to look at its coat. Every horse owner strives for a beautiful, glossy condition, but there may be times when your horse’s coat dulls. Don’t worry, it isn’t a sign that you’re doing something wrong. But, if you’re concerned, here’s what you can do to get that shine back.


Just like humans and any other animal, your horse will need the right nutrients to produce a shiny coat. Check if your horse is eating a balanced diet. If you’re feeding it manufactured foods, the correct amount of nutrients should be within your horse’s diet. You also need to make sure the hay your horse is eating is nutritionally rich. It can help to feed your horse vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples but it’s important to monitor your horse’s weight. Overfeeding could damage your horse.

A Healthy Environment

To keep your horse healthy, you need to ensure its surroundings are in the best condition. You must clean your Vale Stables on a daily basis and provide clean bedding for your horse. A horse that lives in dirty conditions isn’t going to thrive. It’s a difficult job to do but it’s worth doing when you see a horse with a healthy body shape and shining coat.


Your horse’s coat will produce natural oils to make it sleek and shiny. The best way to encourage these natural oils to work is to brush your horse regularly. Grooming your horse once a day will go a long way to protecting its coat. It’s also a good chance for you to bond with your horse and develop trust. This is especially important for show horses who compete regularly. It’s killing two birds with one stone; you’re ensuring your horse looks its best and you’re building a strong relationship.


It can be tempting to bath your horse regularly, especially during the Autumn and Winter months when the ground is wet and muddy. However, the natural oils that work within your horse’s coat can be damaged by too much bathing. It’s a common mistake and it can make your horses coat coarse and dry. If you feel you need to bath your horse, use only water instead of using shampooing and conditioning treatments.

Is Your Horse Well?

If you notice odd behaviour along with an unusually dull coat, it may be an indication that your horse isn’t well. There are many types of parasites that can affect your horse’s health and coat. One of the best ways to avoid this is to keep up with regular worming. Your horse will need to be wormed to avoid intestinal parasites. If you think your horse is suffering from something more serious, it’s best to contact a vet immediately.

A healthy and shiny horse is a wonderful repayment for all of the hard work you do, so look after your horse and it will look after you.

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