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How to Rock Modest Fashion this Summer

Modest fashion is gaining momentum in 2017. Driven by social media and other nontraditional channels, the art of covering up is gaining tract. So what is modest fashion? Interpretations and definitions differ, but generally speaking, it refers to looking pretty stylish and on Vogue, while remaining relatively covered. For many, modest fashion is a personal choice that simply means wearing longer hemlines or higher collars, for example. These previously uncool wardrobe styles are now considered chic. What goes around, comes around after all.

In February, London hosted its first-ever Modest Fashion Week, which featured more than 40 labels showcasing styles that ranged from hijabs to maxi dresses. While modest fashion has often been associated with religion, it is gaining more attention among nonreligious consumers as well.

Summer means a whole range of events to attend, places to be and people to see, so here are our top tips for following this year’s trend.

Choose the right fabrics for the season

You will feel great if you stick to wearing breathable fabrics in the summertime. Try opting for fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Experts suggest linen, chiffon, and cotton as the fabrics that should be most worn in hot weather. Thick materials like rayon, polyester, and wool block air, causing you to sweat.

Looser clothing is cooler

Try choosing lightweight clothing. It’s amazing that apparel out there today is looser, longer, and more modest than it has been in years. Not only does this clothing allow you to breathe, they look great, feel comfortable and are quite trendy, too.

Keep your hair in check

Having long hair can also get pretty hot, especially when the temperature hits the 100’s, and keeping hair up for too long can give you a headache if it’s too tight. Invest in a pair of Goody Spin Pins, as they allow you to put your hair back and out the way of your neck, without putting any pressure on your head.

Think about skin products

A lot of the time we think about what clothes we wear when it comes to keeping ourselves cool. However, your moisturizer can affect your body temperature as well. Heavy body cream or body oil will feel as though you have added an extra, thick layer to your skin which will make you sweat and uncomfortable. Not what you need when rocking a maxi dress! Find a lightweight, breathable lotion to moisturize during the hot months.

Go easy on the layers

Go easy on the layers. If you love your scarves, jackets, and sweaters, you’re going to have to part with them during the summer months -  those hot temperatures are ruthless, so it’s time to keep it simple. Add color and texture with your shoes, jewelry and hair accessories and if you’re questioning whether to add that last piece of clothing you know will perfect your outfit, don’t. Nowadays there are so many modest shops, and summer months are a good time to invest in pieces/outfits that don’t require added clothing for modesty.

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