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Love To Socialise? Transform Your Garden Into The Perfect Space For Parties!

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If you love to socialise, then the chances are that in the warmer months there’s nothing that you enjoy more than hosting get togethers with all of your closest friends and family. Whether you enjoy holding full-blown parties or more casual BBQs, it doesn’t matter - either way; you need an outdoor space that’s made for socialising.
When it comes to designing a garden that’s ideal for hosting get togethers at, getting it right isn’t always easy. The fact is that like with changing up any area of your home; there’s a lot to think about what it comes to transforming your outdoor space into the perfect location for entertaining, isn't there?
Need some design inspiration? Read on for all the best tips for transforming your garden into the perfect space for parties.
Get rid of the grass
If you’re going to host parties at your home, your best bet is to say goodbye to your grass. Consider swapping it with a patio from Simply Paving or changing it up for decking, depending on what your preference is. By swapping your grass for a patio or deck, you can make your garden more of a useable space, because you won’t need to worry about furniture or shoes sinking into the ground if it's been wet. The additional benefit of choosing to swap your grass for a hard surface, or at least some of your grass, is that it will make your garden easier to maintain and will make you more likely to use it whatever the weather.
Take the indoors outside
The British weather is never guaranteed to be warm and sunny, so when it comes to making your garden a space that’s suited to socialising, what you want to do is bring the indoors outside. What this means is creating a covered area in your garden, so that it’s useable even when the weather isn’t as nice as you would like it to be. For this, how about investing in a canopy for your garden? Another, more affordable option could be to invest in a gazebo that you can put up and take down as and when you need it. (More hassle but better if you are on a budget.) As part of bringing the indoors out, what you want to do is ensure that your outdoor area has plenty of comfortable seating and is smart and stylish. Don’t forget that outdoor areas need pretty accessories as well as furniture - think outdoor cushions, pretty plant pots, throws, and cute crockery and glasses.
Build an outdoor kitchen
Plan on hosting lots of food-related parties and get togethers? Then why not build an outdoor kitchen? By having an outdoor kitchen built, ideally with a bar attached to it, you can make it easier and less stressful cooking for lots of people, as you’ve got everything that you need outside. You can even have a bar built so that people can help themselves to drinks while you focus on the food. Plus by having a kitchen outside you don’t have to worry about seeming rude and leaving your guests while you go inside and prepare the food.
Light it up
A lot of parties and BBQs go on into the night, so if you want to make the most of your garden as a space for socialising in, it makes sense to invest in outdoor lighting. From solar-powered fairy lights to spotlights, there are plenty of options to choose from. As well as lighting, don’t forget to consider investing in an outdoor heater or a fire pit, to help keep everyone nice and warm once the sun goes in.
Are you a big socialiser who loves throwing parties at home? Then take note of the tips above and transform your garden into the ideal space for entertaining.

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