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Maximise Natural Light & Improve S.A.D

Living in a dark home in the UK is a little depressing and can contribute to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I always see images of gorgeous homes on Pinterest or Instagram and get slightly envious as I would love nothing more than a home that was bright, airy and flooded with natural light. Naturally, rooms that have lots of natural daylight do lead to happier moods and homes that lack natural light, are dark of flooded with artificial light can lead to SAD (seasonal depression).
So, what can you do to improve the light that enters your home and ultimately improve your emotional health? Here are my top three tips:

1. Make the most of the windows that you have.

It is important that you let in every bit of sunlight. Ill-fitting or poorly made curtains will not do that. They will end up blocking the sunlight during the day because you cannot open them up fully. Then, in the cold evenings, they will not help to insulate the room and will let your heating escape. Investing in curtains that are both perfect and ready made will solve this problem. You can follow the guidance on how to measure your windows so that the curtains will fit perfectly. You can also use the guidance on how to hang them correctly one they are delivered. This shows them off to maximum effect and maximises their functionality.

2. Clean windows.
Another tip is to keep the windows clean. This may seem obvious but many people forget to tackle the grime on their windows and sills. The best way to clean them quickly with a dilute solution of vinegar and water which is an old-fashioned but highly effective method.
Start by removing most of the dirt with plain hot water. Then wipe over with the vinegar solution using a soft cloth. Finally, crumple up some newspapers and wipe it over the windows to remove smears and finger marks.

3. Let the light bounce around.
Once the light has entered the room, you want it to stay there - let it bounce around! Paint the room with reflective paint in light Pantone's. Choose fabrics and furnishings also in bright and uplifting tones.
Put up as many mirrors as you can. If you place mirrors opposite each other, the light will bounce back and illuminate the whole room and arrange furniture to make the most of natural light.
Do not pace the TV in front of the window as it will just block light from reaching the rest of the room. If you like to read or write, put your reading desk or chair next to a window so that you don’t have to put the light on to work.
With just a few small changes, the light can flood into your home and you can make the most of it. Also including a SAD lamp to really increase the amount of good light you get especially, in the winter or evening is something to consider. I cannot fault my lamp and, it's an excellent bit of kit for treating SAD as well as taking photo's when its dark and dreich outside (which is more often than not here in Scotland).
What other tips do you have for tackling light issues within the home? 

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