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Things To Do After Hearing The Question And Shouting "Yes!"

It’s one of the most overwhelmingly happy times any boy and girl can ever experience. He got down on one knee, shaking with nerves as he asked you - the girl of his dreams - to spend the rest of your life with him and you said, “YES!” Eeeeeek. It’s so exciting.
But before you pull out your phone and start Instagramming your ring and watching as the news spreads so fast you wake up the next morning with the world’s press treating this news like the next Kate Middleton wedding, there are some things you need to do first. Yes! The wedding planning can be put on pause for a second while you enjoy these special moments:


Celebrate As A Couple

We know you’ll be desperate to tell your friends and family the news, but before you do take your hubby to be by the hand and run to the nearest and poshest bar, get a bottle of Champagne and celebrate as just the two of you. This will be one of the last moments you get to savor before everyone else starts becoming hysterical around you. 

Okay, Share The News

You are going to be giddy with love and intoxicated with excitement, but before you tell everyone the news with one gorgeously edited photo of you two holding hands and your matching Tacori engagement rings glistening like summer waves, phone your parents first. If you can do it in person then do, other wise get on Facetime and share your giddiness. Once you’ve done this, then tell your other family members and friends and then get straight to Instagram. Woohoo.

Party Like It’s 1999

You’re going to be eager to start wedding planning. Then is absolutely no doubt about that. But before you get completely immersed in the infinite options and endless possibilities, throw yourselves an engagement party. You’ve just got engaged, which means it’s time to start planning an engagement party. Come on, you’ve made the first move of cementing your eternal love and that deserves a go knees up where the glasses are raised in your honor. 

Get Insured

Your gorgeous man has just saved up three months salary and trawled jeweler after jeweler, antique shop after antique shop, desperately trying to find you the ring of your dreams; the least you can do is insure it. We’ve all heard stories of rings tumbling down the drain or stones needing to be replaced; that is what insurance will cover you for. Just remember, the more you can protect yourself from the better. 

What Date?

There are going to be a ton of questions flying your way as news breaks out and bursts into people’s lives, and one of the most prominent questions will be, “when is the wedding?” As such, it is a good idea for you and your fiancee to discuss when you would both like to get married. It could be an exact date you have in mind, it could be that you just know the month or season. Just so long as you have a rough idea, all will be amazing.  

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