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Travel to the Church in Style

You’re going to the chapel, and you’re gonna get married, but have you thought about how you’re going to get there? If you’re like most brides, then you’re going to want to make your journey from home to church a stylish one, and that’s going to be easier than ever before because there are so many great ways to travel to the church in style, which one will you choose?


Traveling in a great limousine, like the ones at http://www.fl-limousine.com/florida-limousine-service, has always been one of the most popular ways to make one’s way to a wedding. After all, limousines are special. Not only are they extremely pretty, and very luxurious, but they’re also really roomy too, which means you can fit that big bridal train in there with ease and travel with, not only your daddy but your bridesmaids and as many of your family as you want to, too.

Sports Car

If you want to make a stunning impression when you rock up at the chapel, if you’re thrill-seeker, you simply cannot beat a slinky little sports car. All eyes will be on you as you pull up in that red Ferrari, yellow Jaguar or sleek black Lamborghini and it’ll be a moment you’ll never forget. Just bear in mind that the cost of renting a sports car and insuring it for the day could be pretty hefty.

Speed Boat

Having a riverside wedding? Why not make a really dramatic entrance by speeding your way to the venue in your very own speed boat for the day? You’ll look like something out of an action movie standing at the helm in your beautiful white wedding dress, but you’ll want to make sure that you wear waterproof mascara just in case!

Vintage Vehicle

If you’re a traditional girl at heart and you’re wearing a traditional dress and getting married in a traditional church, it has to be a vintage vehicle. Undoubtedly one of the most timeless vintage wedding vehicles has to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which you can see at https://uk.pinterest.com/torredeloizaga/vintage-rolls-royce/, but if you want something a bit more quirky, a vintage Thunderbird will look absolutely fabulous and give your wedding a cute 50s vibe.


Are you a little wild at heart? Want to bring some of that rebel spirit to your wedding day? Hire a vintage Harley for the day, and not only will you be quite the sight as you travel to the church, but you and your hubby can ride away into the sunset on a fat hog with the wind in your hair. It’ll be so exhilarating.

A Princess Horse and Carriage

When you thought about your wedding day as a child, did you always imagine your favorite Disney princesses and being swept off your feet by a handsome prince? Why not turn those childhood dreams into a reality by hiring your own white horse and princess' carriage to transport you during your wedding day?

How did you travel to and from your wedding? Did you hire an unusual form of transport?

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