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Wellbeing | Get a Summer Body

Summer is nearing and that means two things - it's hot, we're all happy and the overall feeling from the general public is happiness, I mean it's summer after all, but, the second is there will be a huge outcry of body shaming as companies pull out their 'Summer body' advertising which in turn will cause a huge outcry of people posting about taking their bodies to the beach equals 'summer body'.  

You know it and I know it because these are the same things that happen every year.  

So, this post will cover some Summer beauty and body tips. It won't cover dieting, it won't cover exercise and it won't include body shaming whatsoever. What it will include is tips for getting your body healthy in time for the summer season. 

Let's start from the top and work our way down... 

Summer Lips | You cannot beat EOS lip balm when it comes to achieving the perfect summer lipsIn the hot weather, sensitive skin can become dry and parched, your lips are no different. Drinking can help somewhat (water not alcohol) but adding a slick of balm regularly helps to keep moisture where its needs and that is on your pout. 

Summer Body | Elemis Body Brush is one of my top tips for getting a summer-ready body. This isn't a scrimp worthy item, however, you can use it with the handle and without and dry brushing or wet body brushing topped with some body oil (fully recommend Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil) and cream or lotion (depending on how dry your skin is) is the best way to get a healthy glow this summer. So don't worry about dieting, or don't worry about missing the gym for an hour or two because healthy skin starts initially from being hydrated and dead skin being sloughed away. 

Along with body brushing, you should drink, drink, drink. I really mean it, without adequate hydration your body will become dehydrated and your skin sags. This automatically will leave you looking older and less like your best self. So hydrate to help your body heal and stay healthy. 

Summer Nails | Much like everything else the nails can be prone to drying out and when that happens, they split! *ouch* there's nothing worse than newly manicured nails splitting is there. So, I fully recommend Nails Inc Superfood to help prevent splitting and bending. 

Summer Toes | Tootsies need some love too and that's why I cannot recommend This Works Perfect Heels for getting rid of dry skin which, just like body brushing works in the same way but on your tootsies. Skin takes a battering and therefore the cells die off quicker leaving the nasty build-up that you see sometimes on the sides of the toes or on the heels. Exfoliating your feet gets rid of this build-up, leaving your feet looking smooth. 

Also, because it's the summer I cannot recommend bright polishes such as OPI Birds Do Not Tweet yellow polish for the nails just to give you a bit of a summery brightness or Do You See What I See blue police. 

When it comes to colour therapy yellow is said to ''stimulate the solar plexus chakra which helps to increase our feelings of self-worth, intellect, self-confidence and ego'' 

And, overall the most important part about getting a summer-ready body is to have fun. Don't listen to what's in and what's out and take care of the basics. Once you do, you'll realise that your head ends up in a good place and you're more likely to have lots of fun, and, that's what summer is all about, isn't it? 

What plans do you have this summer? 


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