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Gift Guides for All Your Weird Friends


The average person has a lot of different types of friends. Perhaps in school, we only hung out with one or two types of people, but when we get older our friend groups tend to have a little more variety. Some will be workaholics. Some will love sports and cars. Some will be fitness fanatics. They’ll have totally different personalities and interests to you, but they’re still good friends!But when it comes to finding gifts for people with different interests, things can get a little difficult.

Thankfully, this guide should have you covered!

The fitness freak

Doesn’t the average fitness freak already have everything they need to pursue their interest? The things they may not have seem pretty expensive, like new sneakers and gym memberships. See if you can find out a problem they’re having with their routine at the moment. Do they listen to music while they run? Get them some in-ear headphones that are sturdier and of a higher quality than the ones they have!

The metalhead

Look, we don’t want to stereotype people too much… but we all know long-haired, bushy-bearded metalheads, right? Even if they were the sort of people you avoided back in school, then you’ll end up befriending one eventually. Every office usually has at least one closet metalhead! If you want to know where to start, then personal grooming items such as beard trimmers and oils can be good. It’s worth noting that metalheads tend to be very humorous and self-deprecating; with this in mind, something that juxtaposes metaldom with something more ‘innocent’ can be great - a metal Christmas sweater, for example!

The sports fanatic

Even people who loathe sports are bound to be friends with at least one person who is the exact opposite. If you’re not all that clued-in on the culture of their favorite sport, then it can be pretty difficult working out what exactly to get them. Novelty items are pretty easy to think of, such as candies based around a sport, but that might seem a little simplistic. If you’re really stuck, you might want to consider getting them a DVD or Blu-Ray of a classic sports movie. Is boxing their favorite? Get them a copy of Raging Bull (or Rocky if they prefer less blood and swearing). Baseball fans may dig Field of Dreams or Moneyball. Soccer fans may enjoy The Damned United.

The workaholic

It may not seem like giving a workaholic a gift would be that fruitful. Aren’t they a little too occupied with work to have be having fun? Isn’t a gift just a distraction from work? The trick here is to make sure you get them something practical. Anything that will help them in their day-to-day life will be appreciated. Even something as simple as a new notepad and pen would make an amazing gift for a workaholic. Anything that helps save them time at home would also be good. Slow cookers, food processors, automatic vacuum cleaners - these are the sorts of things they might like!

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