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Planning a Stag or Hen Party With a Twist

When you are planning your wedding, then there will be one other thing that you will also have to think about; a stag or hen party, of course! Nowadays, more and more people are having joint stag and hen parties, a hag or stag if you will. It might be that you have the same groups of friends, or have a large number of friends of the opposite sex. You could be a same-sex couple that doesn’t want to have separate parties.

Whatever the reason, there are many reasons why a joint do could be for you. It can save you money for one thing, which is always a good idea when you’re wedding planning. But if you’re not sure what might work for a stag or hag, then here are some ideas that would work well. Would love to hear what you think!

A Boat Party

A party on a boat is something that everyone will remember and enjoy as there are things for everyone. It can feel pretty luxurious too. This might only work if you were planning on going abroad, but it is a good idea if you are. Fun in the sun is a sure fire way to have a great and memorable party.


Traditionally a paintballing party is more of a stag party thing, but I know plenty of ‘hens’ that would enjoy that kind of thing too. So look up somewhere local and find out how much it might cost for all of you. You can usually get good deals when there are going to be a lot of you on a booking. You could even wow your guests with some fun facts about paintball on the day! Just don’t plan it too close to the actual wedding day; you don’t want to have bruised arms or legs!

Escape Room Game

Escape rooms are growing more and more in popularity, and it is easy to see why. In teams, you will enter rooms and have to solve puzzles and work together. It can be a really fun day out, finished off with some drinks! It is something a little bit different too, which is always a talking point.


It could just be a regular night out for some dancing, or you could head to somewhere like a salsa club. The bonus of having both men and women in the party is that there will be partners for everyone. Finish off with some sangria, and you’ve got a fun evening making happy memories for sure.

Pizza Making

If one of the group has a large enough house, then get all the gang together and make pizzas! It can be funny to see the concoctions that you create, especially if there are any extra spicy versions! Finish off with some old-school house party games or a movie, and you’ve got a cheap but fun night all rolled into one.

Have you ever been to a joint stag or hen party before? It would be interesting to hear about it!
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