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Showing Your Partner That You're In It For The Long-Haul

'' I Love You '' is the most powerful phrase anyone can say in English. '' I Need A Bacon Sandwich ' is definitely up there, but I love you just beats it to the finishing post.

The problem is, it can fall short of how you actually feel. It doesn’t carry the weight of truth or oomph of how you really feel, no words do. You look your partner in the eye and tell him/her you love them a hundred and thirty-six times a day and yet it still falls a million miles short of the emotion you so desperately want to convey. That is why actions are so important too, especially when it comes to telling your loved one you’re in this for the long haul.

That is why we have come up with some staggeringly powerful (and often unorthodox) ways of showing the person you are head over heels in love with them you’re in this until the end of time.

Give Them A Drawer

This can be as symbolic as you like, but if he is already staying over at your place five nights a week and you absolutely love it, show him by clearing out a drawer for him to put some of his stuff. That way he won’t have to run home every other day to get fresh boxers. If you’ve already done this and it is going as well as Usain Bolt’s career, well, maybe it is time to get some keys cut.

Couple Holiday Cards

We don’t care what anyone else tells you, sending out a couple holiday cards is a massive deal. These are a sign of your total addiction to each other because that picture of you two dressed as festive Batman and Robin will grace the mantlepieces of homes all over the country (maybe even the world) for months and months and months after you’ve sent them out. It is a relationship confirming and longevity defining moment in a couple’s life.

Present You Can’t Afford

Nothing says dedication like handing over a present you and your partner you can’t afford yet you went and saved up for anyway. It could be picking a timeless timepiece after speaking to a bunch of vintage Rolex dealers that will do the trick. It could be paying well over the odds for an N64 with all the classics like Goldeneye and Mario Kart. It could be two tickets to Hong Kong to see their brother who moved out there over a year ago and he misses deeply. Whatever will shout volumes to him.

Hand Over Your Password

Sure, there may be more tangible means of showing your commitment to someone, but handing over your password to Facebook, emails and possibly even your online banking is going to show a level of commitment that even a diamond ring and wowzer of a wedding would get jealous of. Of course, the diamond ring may argue that it costs thousands and thousands, but the old password will be able to pop up and argue that it’s priceless.

What methods did you take to show your significant other that you wanted more in the relationship?


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  1. I think handing your password over is scary but it really does show your in it for the long haul. Plus it shows that you trust each other x


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