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Spending The Summer In The Self-Titled "America's Finest City"

California is easily one of the most travel-friendly states in America, and San Diego is what many would consider the city you must visit there. The sheer diversity in cuisine, retail, and culture attracts those who want a really metropolitan experience. However, it’s a walking city, so you’re not forced to rely on transport as much as you might be in places like New York. But all trips are best prepared for, so what should you do to make sure you get the most out of your S.F. trip?

Make sure you’re allowed in

It’s surprising how many people think you can book a plane ticket to the US and immediately be allowed in. Depending on where you’re from, you might be able to stay for 90 days or less without a visa. It’s a good idea to look at guides like official-esta.com and determine your eligibility before you head over. Also, whatever travel documents you get, keep them with you at all times. You might be stopped at random and lacking the proof on the spot can majorly get in the way of your stay.
Prepare for the weather

A lot of people think that all of California is always sunny and there are definitely some highs in San Diego. If you’re not too keen on sticking the heat, the best time to visit might be in the include Spring, when the average temperature is around the mid-sixties in Fahrenheit. So, do expect to dress lightly and take care that you hydrate when you’re out there.
Know your budget stops

Another thing that people assume about the State is that it’s expensive. In that regard, they are not wrong. Your budget can really run away from you if you’re not smart about your money. There are plenty of guides on what kind of daily living costs you can expect. But tripsavvy has a bunch of great budgeting tips you can use including restaurants and transport. Which is what we’ll get onto next.
Getting around

For transport, it’s easy to rely on taxis to get everywhere, because there are plenty of major firms working in and around the city. As for public transport, San Diego is commonly considered a little inconvenient compared to its other Californian cousins because its network is rather limited. Once you’re downtown, however, you might be surprised by how compact the city is. It’s easy to walk from one place to the other most of the time.
Where you want to go

If your time is limited, then you’re going to want to create an itinerary before you get there. As small as it is compared to other tourist cities, San Diego has its reputation because it is absolutely packed with places to go. Walking around the gorgeous Balboa Park an obvious choice for many visitors, but Thrillest.com has plenty more recommendations on where you should what little time you have there.
With it’s almost year-round perfect weather, plenty to do, and gorgeous beaches, it’s easy to see why so many visit San Diego. Hopefully, the tips above mean you’re ready to go, too.
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