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Taking The Stress Out Of Planning A Huge Party

Sometimes, an event demands that you go just a bit further than usual. The average impromptu gathering isn’t going to cut it for an extra special birthday, celebrating an important anniversary, or an engagement. Sometimes, you want a party to be something special, something worthy of a Gala. But planning even a small party can bring on the stress. How do you keep a cool head while putting together something that huge?

Venue and date come first

This should be obvious, but a lot of people send out invitations and start throwing together plans before they have anything set. Remember that you don’t have to make the date align with the “big day” perfectly. If you want a lot of people there, you have to try and make it convenient. When it comes to choosing a venue, there are a lot of questions you have to ask to make sure it’s the right one. Is the availability, location, and price right? Does it have a reputation and experience dealing with large parties? Can the venue work with you or a planner to specialize the occasion? Once you have those questions sorted, you can move on.

Save up your inspiration

If you’re getting hands-on in the planning, then you have to make a lot of creative decisions. In the moment, it can be easy to come up blank on what drinks, food, and décor pieces are available. Instagram and Pinterest are great tools for seeking out inspiration, so spend some time every day or other day browsing to collect images you can use for ideas long before you have to make those choices.
Keeping track

Don’t let something important fall through the cracks, either. Make sure that you have a checklist of all the moving parts that make a great party. You don’t want the big day to arrive only to find that you had planned for live music only to forget to finish booking the band.
Never underestimate the pro touch

A good venue might take care of a lot of the particulars of the party, but that’s not always the case. You might not be using an established venue but rather your own space, too. If that’s the case, using professionals for a bit of a helping hand can really make your struggle much easier. Directories like Source Me are an easy way to find local organizers. Similarly, don’t forget how much ease caterers can offer. You don’t want to spend the whole party making food for the guests.
Know what not to do

Bearing that last point in mind, even if you are organizing a party yourself, organize it in a way that you’re not responsible for absolutely everything there. Allow for a self-serving bar and a buffet instead of having to be the one to help guests to everything. Freeing up more of your time allows you to spend more of it being a good host or hostess.
Forward-thinking, careful planning, and a few friends can make planning that big event much easier than you might think. Don’t throw yourself in the deep end and don’t put it on yourself to take care of absolutely everything.

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