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Tips for Accessorizing Your Man


Us women love accessorizing, we know that a few well-placed accessories can completely transform an outfit from drab to fab, but men are different. Often, they simply don’t realize that accessorizing for men is a possibility, and if they do, they often don’t see the point in it, beyond perhaps wearing a nice watch or a cute tie. By giving your man a bit of encouragement and a little advice, you may be able to change that and convert him into any accessory fan, so that he looks even more amazing than he does right now!

Here are some simple tips for accessorizing your man:

Sunglasses Add Mystery

There is something about a man in a good pair of sunglasses that gives him an air of mystery and increases his sex appeal. Thankfully, sunglasses are one of the easiest sells when it comes to encouraging your guy to accessorize. After all, they’re practical, and even the least fashion-conscious man can see that they add a certain something. Although sunglasses can be worn with any outfit, they look particularly good when teamed with a modern tailored suit.

Watches to Add Class

A good watch always makes a man look classier than his peers who are forever checking the time on their phones or who wear ugly smart watches. So, encourage your man to pick out a nice watch in gold, silver or platinum, which is chunky without being overbearing if you want him to appear more sophisticated. The watch doesn’t have to be really expensive, it just has to look the part, and he only need wear it at work, dinner parties and other formal occasions.


Earrings for men can really look sexy on some guys, but they’re often a tough sell, especially if your man has never been interested in accessorizing. If he’s open to it, however, try to convince him that having both ears pierced is much more sophisticated than having just the one done and make sure he knows that there are times when it is and isn’t appropriate to wear them. For example, earrings at the office are a big no-no, but a nice pair of diamond studs teamed with a slick shirt and trousers, or tailored suit at the club will make him look like a superstar.


For some reason, a lot of men would rather freeze than wrap up warm with a nice scarf, but us ladies all know that a guy in a scarf can be very sexy indeed. So, encourage your man to wrap up warm when it gets cold by investing in a few scarves. Start with darker colors and keep patterns as manly as possible, like checkers and skulls, for example, and the warms, comfort and style of the scarf will soon win him over.


If all else fails, you can probably get your man to make more of an effort with his choice of ties, not only by choosing more interesting color/pattern combinations but also by adding bling tie pins into the mix.

What accessories do you love to see your man wearing?

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