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7 ways to help you make money through blogging

Making money online is one of those things that a lot of people want to do, I mean, who doesn't want to make money from the comfort of their own home? 

There are a few methods out there that you can use to make money, but none of them will make you money over night  this isn't a get rich quick scheme, you have to put in a lot of work.

So what do you need to do?

Well, assuming you don't have a blog already, be it with Blogger or Wordpress, then the obvious first step is to create one. There are a few blogging platforms out there, but Blogger and Wordpress are the main good ones. 

Write about something you love and it wont become a chore for you, don't pick something that you have no interest in as you will quickly get bored and most likely give up. Research your niche on Google and come up with original and interesting content that will drive traffic to your posts.

Below you will find some ways to help you along your journey to making money with your blog. 

• Skills as a service
Use your own natural attributes and skills then promote it through your blog. For example, if you are good at writing or have knowledge about a subject then why not create an Ebook and publish it on Amazon Create space?  Likewise, if you are good at organising why not offer your services as a VA (virtual assistant) on websites such as Fiverr

• Affiliate Marketing
You can use affiliate marketing websites such as Awin, Skimlinks and Rakuten to supplement your earnings by converting standard links to affiliate links. These websites offer a huge range of brands under one virtual roof, which means there will be more scope for larger earnings.

• Look for opportunities
You can check Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms for specific keywords such as #bloggerrequest, #prresquest, and #bloggerswanted for opportunities like sponsored posts or other collaborations that you can apply for. 

• Offer advertisement slots
Use your blog as a space to advertise products for a fee. This could be through in-article ad placement or side bar placement. Ensure you have an ad page to make it easy for companies to see what you are offering.

• Post your articles on Social media
Social media is a great way to get more coverage for your posts and ultimately generating more revenue from your site. Use platforms such as IFTTT to automate this process for you which will save you a lot of time and effort.

• Collaborate
Join blogging groups and make friends. Not only will these groups help you with hints and tips, but they will sometimes offer valuable opportunities and you will meet some amazing new people along the way. 

• Create a brand or product

Use your brand to create products that fit with what your readers want. Whether it be home, lifestyle or clothing. Listen to your readers and create or collaborate with others. For example, if your readers like style articles then why not try creating your own style brand via websites such as Spreadshirt and Printful

There are always ways to make money especially if you are doing something you love, have a think about what you enjoy rather than trying to make money doing something you hate. Your readers will thank you for it. 

Do you have any other ways which you have made money from your own blog? Good luck trying some of the ones listed above!

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