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Connor's Top 12 | August Must Buys

It's August already, well really it's nearly September yeesh! Where did the year go? So to get you into the season I wanted to kick off August with a top twelve wishlist. These are my current favourite picks for the season, can you tell I'm not ready to let Summer go? 

Drinks By The Dram - This is one I'd like to get for the festive period as, let's face it, we are (probably) a bit too old for the chocolate advent calendar tradition. I've spoken about this brand before here: Taste Testing Expensive Rums. They do offer other spirit types and I really like their wide range of products. 

Recycler bin - The woman is always telling me to recycle, so this is me making an effort. This bin features two 10 litre buckets made of plastic and is ideal for offices or small rooms.

BBQ Tool Box - This BBQ looks like it would be great for those who want to go to the park on a warms summers day and bust out the BBQ, whilst pretending to be on the job.   

Tiki Glass - Don't these glasses look amazing? I think they'd look great beside some Deadhead rum bottles displayed on your drinks cabinet. What do you think? 
BB8 App Controlled Droid - Who doesn't love BB8 from the new Star Wars movies? This robot is app controlled and by using your phone you can send it voice commands, have it record and view holographic videos and also watch it's "personality" evolve and grow.

T-shirt - This ''Why is the rum gone?'' t-shirt is great and as it sums up the end of a Saturday night very well. It would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Spider Catcher (Sale) - I don't think I know anyone who genuinely likes spiders so this little tool is a god send. It is trigger operated and uses little spiny bristles to capture and hold the little buggers. 

Grow Your Own Chillies - I enjoy growing things and I enjoy chillis so this is something I'd love to add to my collection. This pack includes seeds for growing Tabasco, Demon red chilli, Hungarian Hot Wax chilli, Jalapeno and Anaheim peppers. 
Kilner Barrel - I really love these novelty drinks dispensers as they make drink storage fun and not to mention, Kilner is the main and best brand for preserving and fermenting all types of products.

3-in-1 Grill - I absolutely love how compact this is and the fact that it comes with automatic rotating skewers! This features a reversible grill, which means that one side is a griddle and the other is a standard hot plate. 

Hot Headz Gift Set - I first tried the Hot Headz brand when I picked up some Hot Headz habanero crisps from Rafi's spice box in York, and they were really spicy but tasted great! I'd love to get my hands on this gift set, as the flavours sound really intriguing and claim to be really spicy!

Apple iMac (Sale) - I'm not usually someone who purchases Apple products, but you have to admit that they have got a lot of things right when it comes to their iMac range. Featuring a 27" Retina 5K display, 3.2Ghz i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB fusion drive this is a great option if speed and performance is something you are after. 

So that's it guys, that's the August wish list. Would you buy any of these? What are your thoughts on these items? Please let me know below!


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