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Household Habits: Little Things to Add to Your Weekly Routine

Routines dominate most areas of our lives. Work rotas dictate when we need to head to the office, social calendars allow us to allocate sufficient time to our nearest and dearest and that leaves us with days dedicated to domestic chores. Most of us already have certain days of the week when we’ll vacuum the house, dust the shelves and do the food shopping. But there are certain little tasks that you should allocate a day or time slots to in order to ensure that we don’t forget or neglect them. Here are a few varied habits to add to your regimen to reduce your stress, encourage organization and leave you feeling content.

Regular Personal Health Checks

We head to the doctors when we’re feeling unwell, but you should also perform more regular health checks on yourself at home, even if you don’t have any particular complaints or problems. Conduct regular health checks, such as breast self-examinations, when you are in the shower or before you go to bed. It only takes a few minutes, but it could make a massive difference to your overall health and well-being.

Playing the Lottery

Every week, hundreds of thousands of us play the lottery. The majority of people will have steadfast numbers that they play every week. These numbers are often special to us: birthdays, anniversary dates and lucky numbers. But imagine seeing them be pulled out on a day that you forgot to play. Or even worse, seeing them pulled out on a day where you did remember, but you didn’t have the time to head to the shop to purchase your ticket. Remove this worry from your life. You can play lottery online. This allows you to play your numbers without having to go out of your way to purchase a ticket in person. It takes hardly any time and can be done from your laptop or even your smartphone.

Pack Lunch Early

Chances are that you’re familiar with the morning rush of packing lunch in a panic, working against the clock to leave your house on time without sacrificing your mid-work meal. Get organized and start packing your lunch the night before you need it. You can store it in the fridge, ensuring that it is crisp and fresh in the morning. This will save you unnecessary stress in the mornings. You can use the spare time to sit with your coffee for a moment or to leave early and avoid the traffic.

Take Vitamins

While you should aim to get as many of your vitamins and nutrients as possible from your diet, supplements such as vitamin tablets are always a positive addition to your lifestyle. So take a couple of minutes out each day to take your vitamins. They will help to build a stronger immune system and to ensure that you aren’t lacking anything you need to function to your fullest.

These are just a few additional routines that can make your life much more practical. You will reap the benefits in no time.

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  1. I buy vitamins all the time and always forget to take them, I need to make more of an effort! xxx


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