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Lottoland | If I Won the Lottery

I've never been someone who gambled. I've lived a modest life with modest dreams and bought a scratch card here and there, or put a lottery ticket on here and there. Nothing regular mainly because I saw it as a waste of money. The chance to win on the National Lottery was so slim due to the increase of draws and with the prices going up that I didn't want to waste ten pounds plus per week when it could go on shopping or towards a bill. 


With a lot of life changes, things are no longer the same. I have dreams and ambitions, I want the best in life for my sons, my partner and my family as a whole and, with that comes the need to earn money or to start to do things that increase our 'win' chance. 

I did start regularly playing the lottery. But those old niggles I had about it being a waste of money came back as I never won a penny. I then started looking for other ways to increase our luck and our ability to 'win' and found Lottoland. 

The first of our wishes is having a nice family home. We rent currently and while we want to make this home a lovely, warm and inviting home our ultimate dream is to buy a forever home.  

The second is getting married. We discuss this right now and this board shows some of our ideas. Of course, it takes a lot of money to achieve the perfect wedding. 

The third is travelling. We have wanderlust lists that are increasingly growing. As we get older we don't believe that travel is out of the question. This is our current wanderlust list. 

So it's easy to see why I've started looking into luck games such as the lottery. Checking out the Lottoland website there are three games that stand out for me personally and those include: 

• Euromillions | This was one of the games that I played offline as they always had the larger jackpots. 
• Powerball | This was the one that was heavily promoted across the news as they had a 1 billion jackpot earlier this year. I know I wished I had been apart of that, well, now I can be (if that jackpot ever shows up again). 
• Irish Lottery | A great alternative to the UK lottery. Again it's something different but the rules remain the same. It's definitely worth a try. 

I will absolutely be giving these a go, we've nothing to lose and the cost is very minimal. I tend to be someone who's positive so never say never, guys. You could be in the minority that wins. 

How does it work? 

Lottoland isn't linked to the National Lottery in any way so won't always work in the same way as they do, I think that's a good thing. Any money you win is paid out from Lottoland as they are the separate independent organisation. 

Lottloland matches the prizes of each lottery as if you had won with an official lottery ticket. They operate an insurance model so larger wins are paid from insurance and smaller wins are paid out directly from sale revenue so you can be sure you'll always receive your prize. 

While you could go out and play the traditional offline lottery, playing with Lottoland allows you to get more for your money via discounts, special jackpots, free bets as well as other unique features that you won't get offline. These specialities always ensure you have a larger chance of winning. Well, at least in comparison to the National Lottery. 

So, if you're looking for a lucky win, then there are other options out there such as Lottoland. Check out the Lottoland website for more info if you're unsure or want to see what your options are. 

Good Luck! 


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  1. We only do the lottery on special occasions like our anniversary or Christmas. My sense always tells me I shouldn't waste the money but if you're feeling lucky you're feeling lucky! ��

    1. I think if you are feeling lucky you should definitely act on it, because you just never know ;)


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