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New Addition | Meet My New Baby

Yeah OK that was naughty of me to put such a click bait title but I'm not sorry because this posts is about my new baby - a non human one. 

We've moved home twice in less than a year, for me I've moved three times in just over a year. That's a ton of moving and sorting and organising and with that comes expense. Lots and lots of expense. 

When you have to prioritise what you buy on a shoestring things such as hoovers, beds, mattresses and small gadgets are never at the top of that list. Luckily we were given a pull along hoover that was on its last legs. It had no extension pole or sucking gadget but you know, it sucked a little, at least enough to get up the major messes. It did the trick but it was seriously stressing me out. See I like to have a clean home, maybe a little bit too much but we couldn't splurge on a hoover. 

Until I found out about Shark hoovers and how well they performed. 

Reading the reviews and seeing the glowing reports and images on Instagram I knew I needed one of these babies in my life. What stood out was that normal hoovers are either push along and upright or they're drag along. Drag along hoovers don't do it for me, they are messy to store and I get sick of whipping my ankles with the plugs when they roll back in. Drag along hoovers again your limited by the cord and, as a petite person they can be tough to move backwards and forwards especially if they have strong suction (gives you a real tough core workout that's for sure). 

The Shark hoovers didn't seem to be like other hoovers. I wanted in on that action so....

I got one!  

I received my Shark Duo Clean  at the beginning of last week. It came in a small box and at first I thought, how the heck did they fit a hoover in a box so small, and a box so light. 

Opening the box I found a range of parts and started freaking out because I was tired and worried this was going to be a nightmare to build. I don't have time for fiddly things but, I managed to easily pop these bits together without even reading the instructions. 

Inside the box you will find the main (pink) pole with flexology tubing inside, the main hand piece, the ION rechargeable battery, the charger, a bag with a range of attachments and the main two rollers head. 

Once built you simply press the push button to go, as you can see this lights up. You have further options for various types of floor coverings too. 

When I first used the hoover as a full length hoover I was surprised because it didn't feel like I was hoovering. You know when you push about a hoover with no suction and it's very light and airy. Well, that's what this was like, only it was sucking up tiny grains of dirt with ease. I didn't feel like I'd have my workout like I normally do. Hoovering under the side tables and the beds was a doddle and I didn't end up with backache. 

This hoover was so awesome that Connor from A Pirate's View Blog also took the hoover out of my hands so that 'HE' could hoover. Now ladies and gents this in itself is an absolute miracle because Connor doesn't hoover. He just doesn't, I think he has dust blindness but since getting this hoover he has in fact used the full length and the handheld without being asked and, actually battled me (I joke) to hoover the kitchen. 

So not only do Shark make awesome hoovers but they also make miracles happen. Thank you Shark! You may have made a husband out of him yet. 

In addition to husband-to-be miracles, here are the main benefits of this hoover in particular, just in case you fancied trying it out yourself. 

 Cordless | The ION battery once charge lasts for 3.5 hours worth of hoovering time. 
 Duo-Cleaning | Two ways to clean - handheld or via full stick. Use full stick for normal hoovering and stick for corners, on furniture, in the car or for small messes. Suitable for a range of floor coverings. You don't need to adjust the heads. Ideal for pet owners. 
 Suction | Super suction, more so than the Dyson V8 which means that you can pick up ground in hairs in one swoop.
• Flexible Cleaning | The stick bends! (flexology) making it easy to get under furniture or beds without hurting your back. 
• Storage | Easy to store, this folds in half. It has a handle to move it easily and is so lightweight. 
• Ease of Use | Rollerball type movement to make hoovering easy and so you don't need to drag or pull at it. 
• Warranty | This comes with the standard one year warranty but if you register your product on the website they will extend it to a five year warranty.
• Night-Cleaning | It has lights! Yes that's right it has a light on the front so if you're hoovering in the dark you can see where you're going. It also has lights on the on and off switch which you can see below. 

Pretty amazing huh, what do you think about the Shark brand or hoovers in general? 

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