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Not For The Kids! Geeky Things For The Grown-Ups

If you have a grown-up geek in the house, chances are you’re already aware of some of the things on our top list of great geeky goodies here. Of course, it’s not all about playing with toys, or reading comic books. These things are very serious, you know, and definitely not kid stuff! If you’re looking for ways to make your beloved geek super happy, then why not invest a little time and money on some of these amazingly awesome things that are strictly for the grown-ups only?


Most children have had a bag of lego bricks and about half an hour of trying to assemble something reasonably recognisable. Lego for grown-ups is a world away from that. For a start, sets to build VW camper vans, or Star Wars Death Stars cost over £100. That’s not play money! Much of the joy in this for your beloved geek is in displaying the finished assembled item. This means a dedicated room or substantial cabinet complete with childproof lock and key are essential.


On the face of it, anime might look like a highly stylised cartoon. In essence it is, but it is the content, the story, and the nature of the characters that make this form of entertainment strictly for adults only. You can sometimes find two different releases or versions, such as with the anime Kite so that these films can get past the censors. Strong stuff at times, but anime has an enormous fan base both in the West and in its original Japanese territories.


With more and more rules and regulations applied each year, flying a drone has become strictly an adult-only pastime. You might also have heard about one or two injuries including head wounds and cut-off fingers! Yes, these things can be dangerous, but they come complete with safety instructions that simply need to be followed. For a bird’s-eye view of your favourite landscapes fit a camera to your drone and enjoy.

Star Wars Figures from the 1970s

It’s been forty years since the original film was released, and the popularity of Star Wars merchandise has reached dizzying heights. The first wave of figurines are now highly sought after and coveted as collector’s items. If they’re in the box and never opened, that means they’re worth even more. Definitely not to be played with! Instead, they require their own bulletproof, triple-locked cabinet so they can be adored from behind the yellow line.

Superhero Movies

Despite originating in comic books (sorry - graphic novels), these movies are definitely not for the wee ones. We're talking about Deadpool, Logan, Suicide Squad and other recent superhero hits. They contain graphic depictions of violence, lots of foul language, and humour that children should never be exposed to. In other words, these films are brilliant and well worth a full evening on the couch with your favourite geek friend.

What does the geek in your home get up to once the kids have gone to bed? Perhaps it’s time to jump onboard and have a little more grown-up fun yourself? Are you ready to release your inner geek?

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