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Stop Smoking | 4 Tips to Help You Stop

Quitting smoking is not easy. Even though global health campaigns have been waged against tobacco companies, the habit of smoking stays strong and still grips many people in its addictive grasp. It’s likely that you’ve experienced a stint of smoking or light social smoking yourself. If you have and haven’t fallen prey to its constant health subtractions, you should be proud of yourself!

However, being addicted to smoking isn’t a cause for shame, so long as you understand it’s bad for you and you take steps to ensure your health. Not everyone desire to get healthy, but if you’re passively smoking around the public or much worse, your children, you might not be the best authority to dictate whether it’s a problem or not. Luckily, quitting smoking is easier than ever, and it can be achieved by the following eight tips.


Nicotine is addictive, and a cold turkey withdrawal from it can be nasty. Using nicotine patches can slowly release a low supply of nicotine into the skin pores, without any need for the tar or smoke combustion which usual methods of smoking injure you with. This will help satiate your cravings to a degree which will keep you able to take each day at a time.


Many smokers report that they miss having something to play and fidget with during smoking breaks. For this reason, eating lollipops, purchasing Ace Vapes or even nibbling on dulled toothpicks carefully can help you get something in your mouth and trick your body into thinking your daily ritual is progressing. Whatever will help you lighten the load when it comes to tackling such a difficult addiction can be incredibly psychologically helpful.

Diet & Exercise

Living healthier needn’t be directly related to quitting smoking. It absolutely helps, but it shouldn’t be the only method you use of getting yourself back in shape and feeling whole. Exercising in some form of cardio can be difficult if you have the ‘smoker's lungs,’ and you may enter into coughing fits, but walking or at least jogging for a small period of time is all effort towards the healthy safe maintenance of your life which is so important to feel like you’re making progress. Making progress in any avenue of life helps you rely less on the shallow, short term and surface pleasures which give you a dissatisfied feeling.


Meditation helps you overcome impulsive behaviours of which smoking is the king. It does this by literally increasing the size of grey matter in your brain, which is linked to increased self-regulation of emotions and controlling impulsive habits through a more rational and less primitive brained approach. Meditation is not a frivolous spiritual pursuit as some rationalists might argue, but it’s a scientifically validated technique to increasing your mental health and helping overcome addictions, providing you do it right.

These tips can help anyone overcome smoking and get back in the driving seat of the habits they enjoy. No matter who you are, you are sure to glean some benefit from this, especially if you have a smoker in your life you’d rather see quit.

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