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Christmas Inspiration | Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant

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Want to keep a little bit of Summer with you throughout Autumn? Well Jo Malone has it covered with their latest limited edition launch. 

 In July they presented their 'Green Almond & Redcurrant' fragrance which is said to be both Summer and Winter suitable. The cologne will also be launched as a limited edition within their Christmas 2017 gift sets and looking at the bottle design alone - count me in - I simply can't get enough of this opaque millennial style bottle.

The scent itself is a unisex fragrance although I don't feel the bottle is going to be enjoyed equally among the sexes. The note selection is also very simple but, I doubt it's going to transfer to the wearer as a simple scent. Check out the short note list below...

Notes include: Red currant, green almonds, creamy sandalwood.

Its a scent that intrigues me due to its mix of green almond and sandalwood, see this could either be very delicate in its wooded, sultry Winter approach or very Redcurrant and berry like akin to a Summer scent. I do wonder if this will swing depending on the body chemistry wearing it also? 
 So far I'm aware that there are two absolute products launching, as for the gift sets I'm unsure as they will no doubt be released nearer to Christmas.

Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant 
  • Limited Edition 100 ml bottle in Eau de Cologne | Available in October. This is set to cost £92
  • Limited Edition Candle | Available in October. This 420g candle will set you back £120. Pricey but possibly worth it.  
As with anything Jo Malone they are definitely more of a splurge but, I've tried a few items from their collections and always been wowed mostly due to the strength and complexity of the scent themselves. You really feel that while the descriptions are very simplistic and give the buyer a feel of 'is this worth it' once you actually receive your items you kick yourself for every doubting Jo Malone's worth.  

Once launched you can find all products over on the Jo Malone website.

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