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Excellent Jobs Fit For A Geek

Sometimes everyone fancies a change of career, and those with a geeky side might want to find a job that tickles their geek-buds. However, knowing where to start is sometimes an issue, and so there are some suggestions on this post that all readers should consider. All of the jobs mentioned here today are real positions for which anyone could apply. Sure, some of them might require individuals to gain qualifications or pass courses. Still, there is no getting away from the fact that anyone could earn their living from these activities.

Video Game Tester

Yes! There are people in the world who get paid a reasonable wage for spending their working day playing video games. Of course, there’s more to the job than meets the eye, and those individuals often have to complete a lot of paperwork and provide reviews to their employers. So, anyone who selects that career path probably won’t manage to veg out in front of their PlayStation consistently. Still, it’s much better than stacking shelves or working in a factory, right? Readers who want to find out more about how they get involved just need to search Google and contact some of the most established game design companies.

  • Pros: You get to play video games
  • Con: There aren’t many positions available

Drone Operator

Becoming a drone operator might seem like a geeky idea, but it's probably the most viable concept on this page. When anyone completes CAA approved drone training courses, it’s easy to find work if they target the right industries. Unfortunately, business owners probably won’t pay qualified individuals to mess around with the drone all day long. However, those who move into the land surveying marketplace might get to use their gadget more than most.

  • Pros: It’s an easy job once you know how to do it
  • Cons: You’ll have to go outside in all weather

Comic Book Writer/Illustrator

Anyone with a flair for creative writing or graphics could make their mark in the comic book world. Estimates suggest there are around 150,000 employed in that marketplace at the current time, and that means there are always vacancies that talented individuals should fill. Just be aware that only those with the best skills will ever manage to go professional. If you like the sound of that, just contact all the comic book companies and send a CV. Try to make the resume stand out by using coloured paper or something similar. The business owners in that industry don’t take themselves too seriously in most instances, so they’ll appreciate the effort.

  • Pros: You get to make comic books (that’s the geekiest thing ever!)
  • Cons: Lots of hard work involved

After reading those suggestions, some readers should have found something they want to try. If you don’t like the sound of those ideas, just conduct some research and think outside the box. Sometimes the perfect job isn’t out there, and so you have to create it. Whatever you decide, just be sure not to settle for something that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled. That inner geek is bursting out, so you need to embrace it.
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