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Festive | Get Your Home Christmas Ready

It might be a while before you have to head up to the attic and hunt for the Christmas decorations or erect this year’s Christmas tree, however, now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the upcoming holiday and all that it entails. Here are a few things, which if you do them now, will ensure that your home is Christmas-ready come December:

Clear Out the Cupboards

One thing that will really help you out at Christmas is having lean, clean and organised kitchen cupboards. If you’re like almost every other family in the country, you’ll buy way more food (and eat much more of it too) in the festive season, and that means that you need all the cupboard space you can muster if you don’t want your kitchen to be a cluttered mess. So. start going through the cupboards, checking for expired foods and foods you no longer want. The foods that you’re never going to eat, you can donate to a local food bank or give away to a family who will eat it and the expired stuff can go in the trash. Once you’ve completed this and a few other steps in this post, you can hire a Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal company to get rid of it all for you. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about it again.


As well as cleaning out the cupboards, you might want to take this opportunity to declutter your home as a whole because not only will you probably acquire a lot of new stuff at Christmas, but you’ll also have a lot of people over and have them try to squeeze in between your clutter isn’t exactly the mark of a good hostess! Make a real effort to get rid of the things you no longer need, either by trashing or donating them, and your home will instantly feel cleaner, more spacious and much more inviting, which is exactly what you want at Christmas.

Of course, when you’re decluttering, you should pay some special attention to your living room, if that is where you usually put your Christmas tree. Make sure that you clear enough space to fit in your tree and create an impressive display, even if that means rearranging the furniture somewhat.

Turn the Junk Room into a Guest Room

If you plan to have family staying with you over Christmas, or there’s a chance that someone may have too much to drink and end up crashing at your place,  it’s a good idea to take some time deep cleaning the junk room. Getting rid of all those old books, toys, and clothes that you no longer use and instead of installing some furniture to make the space comfy as a bedroom. You don’t need to spend a lot - a camp or air bed, lamp and set of drawers should suffice, but it will ensure you’re always ready to be the hostess with the most this Christmas.

If you do these three things and you clean the house from top to bottom, as well as investing in extra glasses and cutlery, you will be absolutely ready to enjoy yourself and entertain effectively when the holidays roll around.


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