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Flamingo Candles | Pink Ribbon Boob Collection

I'm always for brands that try to make a difference and one brand that's doing just that is Flamingo Candles. The brand is well known for their use of pretty organic, soybean waxes housed in jars with laser-cut shapes such as glittery flamingos, neon shapes and other kitsch branding additions. 
The brand has decided to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation with their limited and special ''Boobs'' collection. Just take a peek at the awesome boob print packaging below...

The Boob collection also includes a scent melt (not pictured) as well as the jar and tumbler candles, the good thing is if you can't afford to donate money (and typically most people are asked to donate to so much at this time of year) or you don't want to go and buy a large or expensive product just because it 'donates money' then why not opt for something smaller such as the scent melt? 

Purchasing something lovely like these candles not only helps out the charity but you as a consumer are getting something for your money. Destress while helping out Pink Ribbon? Well, count me in. 

Bright Pink & Pastel Gold Boob Candles | £12
Jar Boob Candles | £10
Scent Melt | £2

The scent is the Flaming Candles exclusive Pink Ribbon scent so you don't have to worry about picking and choosing fragrances. The scent itself is described as: 

''Pink Ribbon is a rich, cranberry accord dominated by top notes of sweet cranberry blended with prune juice, complimented by a fruity floral heart of summer strawberry, sun-ripened raspberry and citrus orange with sweet honey and rose notes. On dry down, the base is woody, powdery with notes of cedarwood and vanilla with a hint of raspberry''

If you fancy buying one or two of these then you can pick these up now as they only launched on September 4th however you can currently buy the melt and a different jar candle (in the usual Flamingo Candle style with the Pink Ribbon scent) just now over on the Flamingo Candles website. 


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