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Reverse Bucket List || 50 Things Before 30

I've seen many reverse bucket lists on a variety of blogs over the last few years and while I seem to always click through to read everyone else's I never thought I would be publishing my own as I just couldn't think of fifty things I had done. In comparison to others lives, I've had a pretty basic and unexciting life. Each time I came across another blog post I would try to think about the amazing things I've accomplished and be met with a blank that is until I decided to strip it right back - I knew I had an amazing life and I was damn going to think of reasons as to what made it amazing.

Now that I've accomplished my list of fifty it's completely changed my outlook. I no longer read other blog posts and envy the fun-filled lives that I'm reading about. I no longer wish I'd done things differently and I feel like I'm constantly giving myself an inner high-five for recognising the good things that I've accomplished.

So here goes:

 Dyed my hair wild and crazy colours (when it wasn't in style).
✓ Had my nipple, nose, belly and ears pierced (before they were in style).
✓ Abseiled down a small cliff wall (while desperately needing a wee may I add).
✓ Found a true love in archery.
✓ Donated blood a lot (until I was told I can't anymore).
✓ Offered to be a donor for someone who needed bone marrow.
✓ Lost a parent. Lived through the grief and came out the other end a-ok.
✓ Lost a sibling. Came to recognise that everything happens for a reason.
✓ Researched my ancestry and found some pretty amazing stuff.
✓ Got married. Stayed married (11+ years and counting).
✓ Being called mummy by three separate little humans.
✓ Spend a whole day sleeping. It wasn't nearly as great as I seem to imagine it will be every Monday morning.
✓ Ate cake for a whole day. It was amazing and I didn't regret it at all.
✓ Flown in an aeroplane and didn't crash.
✓ Travelled abroad. It made me realise how much I love my own country.
✓ Moved to another country and lived alone.
✓ Saved a life.
✓ Gave evidence in court against a family member for the greater good - and survived.
✓ Got my degree after leaving school with no qualifications (not through choice but outside reasons)
✓ Build a website.
✓ Learnt to meditate and to introduce mediation to my three sons lives also.
✓ Trained as a practising herbalist.
✓ Studied towards my yoga teaching certification while struggling with a pain disorder and never gave up.
I've climbed an inactive volcano.
 I was sterilised.
✓ Slept homeless. Came to realise you need to take ownership of your own shit because other's can't always be relied on regardless of your age.
✓ Stopped smoking without any help. Other than my kids to drive me forward.
✓ Stopped drinking completely. Would never go back.
✓ Survived my lowest point. Realised I'm here for a reason.
✓ Watched every episode of Lost. Episode 1 I had no children. By the end of the series, I had three children. 'Nuff said really.
✓ Slept under the stars. I've never felt so calm.
✓ Slept out in snow all night. Why? Just because I like a challenge.
✓ Went camping without complaining and actually loved it.
✓ Got tattooed. Regretted my tattoos.
✓ Learnt a foreign language through choice.
✓ Helped raise money for children's charities independently.
✓ Donated to medical research.
✓ Started my own business.
✓ Beat debilitating health.
✓ Found inner peace.
✓ Tested my genetics. The best thing I've ever done for my health.
✓ Sponsored both children and animals.
✓ Travelled to an island in a fishing boat for the day (Isle of May). The water was choppy, the life jackets were dubious, I am hugely fearful of open water and can't swim.
✓ Beat infertility.
✓ Randomly paid for items while shopping when someone hasn't had enough money. Children and elderly tug on my heart strings.
✓ Been bitten by a spider. Three times. Still fucking hate the wee basterdos.
✓ I was adopted by true angels.
✓ Seen plenty of ghosts and learnt not to be scared of them.
✓ Found comfort with being myself.
✓ Gained and lost a lot of body weight.

And breaking the rules a bit here but the most important one for me was number 51...
 Turned down plastic surgery (tummy tuck) because I realised living and being a mum was far more important than a flat stomach. Why would I put my life at risk when I had three utterly amazing little babies who couldn't give a hoot about mummies loose belly skin? If they didn't care then why should I. 

While it's not as out of the box as some other bloggers I definitely think the reverse bucket list has therapeutic qualities regardless of how big or small your accomplishments are. Would I recommend this list to others? HELLS YES!

So I challenge you all to come up with your own 50 (or more) reverse bucket list and see how it changes your life. Post your comments and links below. I'd love to read your posts.

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