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3 Silly Mistakes Young People Make

The number of people that are currently in their twenties, living independently from their parents and raising their own families and yet do not feel like adults is astounding. We go from one day sitting behind desks in a classroom and asking to go to the bathroom, to have to make big decisions about where we live and trying to find the money to save for a deposit on our first homes. There’s no real bridge from adolescence to adulthood: we truly do get booted from the nest with a steel-toed boot.

We all make silly mistakes when we are young. It comes from a place of recklessness and it’s the only true time we can make those mistakes, as we are young. The problem here is that some mistakes that we make can have a lasting effect and you could be full of regret as it follows you around for a long time. We’ve put together some of the silly mistakes that are made by young people to help you avoid getting into any of these situations at all.

Impulse Spending

Almost everyone falls victim to impulse buying, but it happens more to young people than it does older. You go from relying on your parents for spending money on being able to pick up your own credit card and shop without rules. The problem with this is the impulsivity. The need to spend cash you don’t have without thinking about the consequences is tempting but needs to stop. If you see credit as free money, you’ll find yourself fifteen years later trying to build your credit rating with a bad credit credit card, and regret every moment of those Jimmy Choo shoes! If you see something in the sales and feel hyped up about it, hold off and wait a few weeks. If you still want it, you can buy it later and know you made a good decision.

Studying A Useless Degree

No one truly knows what they want to do with their lives when they are 18 years old. But we are asked to decide anyway. We are pushed toward college degrees that we may not want, so we spend years studying and passing, only to opt for work in an entirely different field. You also can only discover that you hate your chosen topic, but not until you start actually studying it! It’s great to get a degree, but spending all that time and money on something you hate just isn’t worth it.

Leaning On Parents

Living at home until you’ve saved a deposit for a house sounds like a nice idea until you wake up one morning at 28 years old and you’re still being cooked and cleaned for by your Mom. You need to cut those apron strings and gain your independence as fast as possible, even if it does mean you are saving longer for a house.

These mistakes that are made by people when they are young can all be rectified, but only with perseverance!
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