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Beauty | What's in Your Products?

The skincare and beauty industry is worth a staggering $445 billion dollar and that’s no surprise when you consider we all want to look more beautiful and stay younger for longer. To satisfy this need, there are products to turn back time, boost softer, plumper looking skin. There are products to banish spots and to make lips fuller. You will also find lotions and potions to make your skin glow with health, but, do they really work? Whatever your health issue, can you repair damaged skin or eradicate wrinkles?

If we look at products that claim to help overcome every problem and focus in the first instance on sun-damaged skin and the fight against wrinkles, we can see that they often contain antioxidants. Simply, these mean they fight against free radicals that could harm the essence of your DNA. When your skin cells start to become damaged, you start to experience dull or dry skin, dark circles appear under your eyes and wrinkles appear. To combat this, use antioxidant-rich beauty products and fuel your skin from the inside out, eating those food sources that contain antioxidants as these will improve health and wellbeing too. 
Other healthy ingredients include:
Acai Oil
Green Tea Extract
Vitamin C
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Coenzyme Q-10
Alpha-Hydroxy Acid
Salicylic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamin C

As you grow older, your body starts to reduce the natural production of elastin and collagen and this keeps skin flexible and resilient. Antioxidants which are found in vitamin C can help to reduce wrinkles and scars or fine lines. It may also boost collagen production. You will also find vitamin C in some beauty creams.

Green Tea Extract
If you like green tea, you can help to fight free radicals with nutrients known as polyphenols. Studies have shown that it can reduce skin damage via the sun and, could even protect you from skin cancer when the extract is added to the skin.

Many of your skincare creams will have retinol in and this comes from vitamin A. It will help to boost collagen and make your skin plumper and healthier-looking. It will also help to reduce wrinkles. If you have mottled patches of tone and colour, retinol can help. You may find the ingredient tretinoin on your beauty product and this is stronger than retinol but can help to clear up acne and slow down the degeneration of the skin which makes you look older more quickly. When you use a product containing retinol, you may find that your skin becomes a little dry. To counteract, use moisturiser and sunscreen the following day. 

You may be surprised to see caffeine in your skincare products, but it is an antioxidant. There is still some doubt as to whether you can use this in your creams and lotions successfully, but it is added anyway. It may even prevent skin cancer growth and, plump out those wrinkles – especially those around the eyes. 

Co-enzyme Q-10 
This is made naturally in your body, but this occurs less as you grow older. As such, skin cells are far more vulnerable to damage by free radicals. 

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
These are natural based acids. Glycolic acid is known as the original AHA and is excellent for the removal of dead skin cells which makes your skin look fresh and radiant. AHAs work well at reducing the scars left from acne and eradicating age spots. You can use these in a lower concentration from any prescribed from a dermatologist. Even though, lower dosages could still irritate your skin and make it dry. It’s important to note that your skin may also become more sensitive to the sun and so, do use sunscreen too. 

Have you seen salicylic acid on the labels too? This can help to treat acne which may reduce blackheads and whiteheads but, if you are allergic to aspirin, do not use salicylic acid because you may have a reaction although this is not common. 

Hyaluronic acid is also a naturally occurring substance which reduces through ages. It is found in skin, tissues, and joint fluid but if you do not eat a healthy diet or if you smoke, you may find that your body does not make sufficient amounts. 

It’s worth getting to know the ingredients within your beauty products as not all are natural or have healing properties and if you prefer gentler, natural ingredients, you may need to shop around a little.


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