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Moving | How to Survive a Move With Kids

Being ready to move and thinking you are ready are often two very different things, especially if you have a gaggle of kids to move along with you. In fact, before you even start thinking about loading up that van, you need to get some vital things in order first. Keep reading to find out what they are, and how they can help you stay centred and calm during one of the most stressful events in life.

Get the kids psychologically prepared
An incredibly valuable thing that you can do when you are planning a house move that involves kids is to spend some time getting them psychologically prepared. This works well because if they are happy when the move happens, it will save you lots of heartache and stress. To prepare the kids psychologically, there are a few different thing you can do. The first is to sit down and have a proper conversation with them about why you are moving and how this will affect their day to day life.

Let them ask questions and even show negative emotions if they want to, as its better to allow them to get it out now and clear the way for a more positive transition later on.The next stage is to take them to the area and the house that they will be moving to. Even to see just the outside can be helpful as the unknown is a scary thing, especially for little ones, so making it as know as possible can really help ease their transition from one property to another.Last of all some kids can benefit from a formal countdown to moving day, perhaps in the form of a tear-off calendar?

This helps them to mentally prepare for the big event and not be so overwhelmed when it does occur.

Have a practical plan
Next, before you can even consider moving the kids to another home, you need to have a practical plan. That means you need to know what items you are taking with you, and where they will go, as well as what things you need to buy for the new house.

Planning in this way can also help when you have to book a removalist, as you will know roughly the amount of stuff you have to shift and you will be able to convey this knowledge to them. Something that means they can give you a more accurate quote and estimate on how long it will take, making the whole process a lot smoother.

Remember to celebrate the move
Last, of all, it is important to retain a sense of the positive when moving home with the kids, even if there are some sad moments to experience along the way.

One way of doing this is to take the little ones out for a treat or meal to mark the occasion, and set the tone for a fun experience in your new home. Alternatively, hosting a get to know your neighbour's party can work well too. This is because it can help the children settle in a new area, as well as provide something for the kids to focus on and look forward to the more stressful parts of the moving house experience.


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