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Never Receive A Bad Present Again

We’ve all been there, opening up presents on your birthday only to be confronted with a book you’ve just finished reading or a t-shirt for a band that you’ve never listened to. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way of letting people know what you wanted without them having to go through the embarrassment of having to ask you what you want? Or simply giving up and just buying you a gift card, which usually ends up being to a store that you never shop in. Couples will often register a wedding gift list so that guests to their wedding know what it is they need and can avoid several people buying the same thing. Well now, companies like My Wish UK have taken that concept one step further. You can now compile a wish list of presents for any occasion, avoiding any disappointment.

So even if people think you already have everything, they can know what to get you. Below are three reasons why setting up a wish list could be helpful not only for you but for your friends and family.

Big or small

The beauty of a list like this is that you can add any number of things to it so that if anyone wants to buy you a gift, they can easily pick out something you will definitely like that is within their budget. They could even use your list to pick out a small present just as a token of appreciation or a spur of the moment gift. If it’s your birthday or Christmas, and they fancy giving you something a little more extravagant, they can simply search through some of the more expensive items on your list for something suitable lavish. Whatever the occasion, you can ensure that there is an option for a gift.

Training and experiences

If you are a lover of activity and knowledge, you are likely always on courses or out enjoying the world. With a wish list, you can add all the things you want to achieve or accomplish to your list and allow others to know. This way, if someone wants to give a present that will do more than gather dust, they can. They could buy you some driving lessons, or a yoga instructor course. Maybe they could even buy you a hot air balloon ride if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do. The choices are endless.

People can club together

Some presents you really want, like the training and experiences, might cost more than what most people are willing to spend. However, now that they know that is what you want to do, they could organise for a few of them to club together and buy you an expensive present between all of them. Not only does this mean that you get to experience something you might not have otherwise been able to, but they can all rest easy knowing that they have contributed towards something you will really enjoy.

Hopefully, this has brought you round to the idea that creating a list of every present you could ever want may not be such a bad idea after all. It will certainly make it much easier for your friends and family to shop for you.

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