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Practical Advice For House Moving When Pregnant

The moving day always sucks. There is no perfect time to do it, no perfect weather, no perfect anything. It just sucks. But, trying to survive the dreaded house move when you’re pregnant you can almost see the outline of your bubba through your belly, is another level of hellishness. Your mouth will start verbalising all those negative thoughts until the only thing you’re able to murmur is, “what the heck was I thinking?” But, just because this scenario is ridiculously imperfect doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible. It’s not. 

And to prove this point, we’ve spoken to real mums who’ve been through it, the moving experts at mybekins.com and even some wonderful people in the medical industry, and it’s all to help you know what’s safe, what’s a no-no and what you can do to make something so stressful go so smoothly. 

1. Go And Have A Chat With Your Lovely Doctor 

Before your brain says anything like, “I’m sure you can pick up that light-looking box,” make sure your doctor is on board with that and gives you the total go-ahead to help and participate. If, however, they say you’ve got something going on, like you’re more susceptible to early labour, it’s probably not worth the risk. 

2. The More Help The Merrier

Really We can’t stress this enough. When you’re a non-pregnant person doing a house move, you’ll want to get all the help you can. When you’re pregnant, you’ll want to increase this three-fold. At least. And that’s not just on the day you move - it’s the entire process. That means getting yourself a super-helpful moving company, bringing in professional cleaners and see if there is any professional declutterer. Or, if you want to be super-smart about it, see if there is a cash-strapped student who will help with everything. 

3. Time Is Not On Your Side At All 

There aren’t many ways to beat around the metaphorical bush on this one: you need to start as far in advance as you can so that you are able to take regular breaks. We’re talking about every twenty minutes to half an hour. And don’t just check Instagram for a minute and then carry on; put your feet up to help with circulation. Standing too long can lead to lower extremity swelling, which isn’t pretty or pain-free. Oh and definitely apply this to moving day. 

4. Baby Brain Is A Thing You Need To Plan For 

It is a thing. The Conversation discusses this exact topic. Which is bad news because you have a trillion things to remember and do when it comes to moving. That’s why you need to get into the habit of making lists and sticking them on your fridge and popping things you remember into the notes section of your smartphone. This will be your biggest sanity-saver bar none. 

To go the extra mile, label each box with a number and then make a note of everything that’s in each box so that you’re more organised on the unpacking end too. 


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