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Simply Cook | Vietnamese Pork

If you follow either mine or Connor's Instagram you'll know how much we love food and drinks and treats. It's what drives us in all honesty and each trip we take is based on the food options. 
Food is not only something that sustains us, but it also helps us to feel inspired, it makes you feel whole, excited and weirdly it creates memories. We can remember exactly what we ate and where it was which means when we eat the same foods again, we're instantly reminded of past times which is great. I love that food has those capabilities. 
We have in the past both subscribed to Simply Cook outside of blogging but of course, neither of us have ever shown you exactly what it is, what you can achieve and if it's any good? So here goes... 

First, off you receive a box with four ingredient cards and 4 individual boxes. Each of those boxes relates to one of the recipes and typically you will see three ingredients and mixes inside for you to add. The recipe cards have a perforated part on the left side so you can tear off your 'shopping list' while heading to the supermarket.

We started off with the Vietnamese Pork recipe because it's exactly the type of recipe we adore and cook often. Plus, we both love a bit of Pak Choy / bok choy.

Vietnamese Pork 

 The recipe includes Ca Kho To Fish Paste, Sriracha Sauce and Vietnamese beef stock. In addition to these ingredients you will need to purchase the following:

* 350g Pork Tenderloin or Fillets (or any pork that can be cut into strips in all honesty).
* 2 Shallots (make do with red or brown onion if that's all you have).
* 35g Brown Sugar.
* 5 Spring Onions (Use more or less depending on preference).
* 1 Lime (optional but can swap with lemon).
* 140g Rice (any rice is suitable).

The card explains each step easily and clearly, there's no second-guessing what to do for fear of mucking up this recipe. The end result is a dish full of flavour that's filling and nutritious and, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd ordered in a takeaway. Fool the family with your culinary skills. Absolutely Moorish! (yep I'm salivating as I type).

After we had eaten this we craved it again for days. There are so many other little adjustments and additions you can make to this once you get your confidence. Add sesame seeds to the top for a nutty addition or swap out the Pak Choy for Tenderstem broccoli, why not swap out the pork for chicken even or swap the rice for couscous.

Overall this is a recipe that will stay on our meal rotation, we've made it once more since this image was taken and it was just as good. I will be covering the other recipes shortly but if you wanted to cook-along you can find out more over on the Simply Cook website, currently, they have a trial where it's only £3 for your first box too (I don't receive anything if you subscribe).


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