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W7 Smokin Eye Palette | Review & Giveaway

Up until a few years ago, I would happily have worn bright eyeshadows, glittery liners and bright eye glosses, however, the last three years I have gone down the more natural route and much prefer browns, nudes and blacks as well as other 'smokey' shades such as khaki, mauve and even grey tones. 

I have a small selection of shadows that I use most days and intermix between but they are worn and desperately in need of a new shiny palette to join them. That palette was the W7 Smokin Eye Palette which comes with twelve eyeshadows in varying shades from nudes to black. 

The eyeshadows are housed in a super shiny metal container and there is a brush to apply the eyeshadow with. As soon as it arrived I swiped them but my phone died and I couldn't get a good snap of all the shades, however, I did get the first four tones, take a peek... 

The palette starts with slightly shimmery shadows and progresses into matte tones. Both the metallic and matte shades include nudes, browns, greys and blacks which make the perfect base for any smokey eye look. Start with your nudes all over, highlight with more matte tones such as browns and blacks along the lash line and outer corners of the eyes and complete the overall look with a swatch of metallic tones to match your chosen matte looks. 

♥ Royal Flush | Metallic and shimmery light gold. 
♥ Full House | Very similar to Royal Flush but with more cream tones. 
♥ Numero Uno | Metallic and shimmery light brown. 
♥ Mix & Match | Metallic and shimmery cool-toned brown. 
♥ Jupiter | Metallic and shimmery gunmetal-tone. 
♥ Treasure Trove | Metallic black with a hint of shimmer. 
♥ Beach Comber | Matte black. Perfect along the waterline. 
♥ Early BirdThis is a charcoal grey with a hint of metallic on a base of matte shadow. 
♥ Bora BoraMatte grey-toned cream shade. 
♥ King For a DayMatte chocolate brown. 
♥ Foolish | Matte nude tone. Perfect for all-over coverage. 
♥ Moonlight | Matte light nude. This is great for the inner corners of the eyes. 

Overall this is an excellent (and affordable) palette. The colour payoff is incredible and far surpassed what I expected of it. I typically use this daily and I will try to get some images up over on Instagram for you over the weekend. 

The only flaw I feel is the brush but that generally is the case with most free applicators and brushes. If you wanted to upgrade the palette then why not superglue in a small mirror into the lid so you can take this on the go with you. 

I was kindly sent this palette from wowfreestuff.co.uk however, I chose what palette I wanted to try out, the brand list a range of free samples including free makeup samples that you can check out. I've had a few free samples from this company before collaborating with them. They are also holding a giveaway for a W7 eyeshadow palette which you can check out here:  W7 Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway.

The competition ends on the 1st of December 2017. By entering you agree to sign up to WOW FreeStuff Newsletter. Must be over 18 and based in the UK


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