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Wellness | 4 Products Just Launching

♥ Mugler's Les Exceptions Collection | The brand has welcomed a new addition to the family - Wonder Bouquet. This fragrance launched exclusively into Harrods and also their online shop (The USA at the moment I believe). With a price of £135, this is one decadent scent with notes such as lily of the valley, orange blossom absolute, sambac jasmine absolute and bran absolute. The scent itself has been described by others as akin to a 'mysterious floral' sweet, buttery and floral. 

Notes: Lily of the valley, orange blossom, jasmine sambac, shiso on a layer of brioche bread sat on a base of beeswax.

Let's also keep in mind the luxurious thick cut glass bottle that this is housed in. Imagine that sat on your dresser or shelves. If you've never felt spoilt or glamorous I have to say that alone would do it for me. I'd throw out everything else and keep that bottle alone as the main focus.

♥ Kiss the Moon | Recently they announced their Bedtime Bath Salt range which is all made using the finest essential oils that are blended to help induce sleep and natural salts. If sleeping is your thing or you want it to become 'your thing' then these salts promise to ease your body and soul.

GLOW | Orange and geranium to restore the spirit at bedtime helping to heal skin that is also dry and damaged.

DREAM | Lavender and bergamot to soothe aching muscles and relax the body. When you're sore and achy the last thing you can do easily is to relax enough to get to sleep.  

Bath salts are a large 400g sizes and are priced at £20, each. You can grab these over on the Kiss The Moon website.  

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