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Many people save for years before they can buy their first home. The sense of achievement is something that will always stay with you. After all, a house will be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your lifetime. However, we also want to make sure that we take care of this investment and so what we can to ensure that we get the most out of our home. At some point, you may even want to sell it and move on to a new chapter.

But how do you make more of your home, are there any ways that you can make improvements that will help to increase the value or help with the initial investment that you made? There are things that you can do, and we thought that as spring has finally sprung, now would be the ideal time to make those changes. I hope it gives you some inspiration to make some changes and improvements to your home.

Look at the big ticket rooms and invest in them

You need to think about some of the big ticket rooms in your home, the ones that will add the most value and these tend to be the kitchen and the bathroom. Making changes to these such as replacing them entirely or making simple changes can make a huge difference to your home. The bathroom is one of the most well-used rooms in your home, and this means that making it modern, clean and functional will entice potential home buyers.

A quick look online at websites like Drench.co.uk could give you all the inspiration you need. You might also be able to change the layout of the bathroom and make better use of the space. Kitchens are also quite expensive to change entirely, but it gives you the opportunity to redesign the layout. You can then add great storage options, integrate appliances and make more of the space you have. However, if you find that you don’t have the budget to change them completely then you could consider making some DIY changes.

Things like; painting the walls and cupboard doors, changing the flooring or the light fixtures and even changing small elements like colour schemes could make the biggest difference to your home.

Change the interior decoration to something more neutral

Everyone has the prerogative to decorate their home exactly how they want to. If you want your favourite bright colour all over the walls then so be it. But if you are serious about adding value to your home then you may want to consider a more neutral tone. This is so that the decoration can appeal to the masses as neutral colours will tend to work with any type of furniture or theme potential home buyers may have themselves. If you choose to, you can add splashes of colour in the way you accessorize your home and the soft furnishings or furniture that you have.

Minimise the clutter once and for all

In this day and age, we all have far more stuff than we really need, and this is when many homes can appear to be cluttered. If your home looks to “full” of stuff then you could be giving the wrong impression to your potential home buyers as your home will appear small. Take the time to declutter your home fully. A more minimalist approach can help your home to appear large with adaptable space. It could also be a good thing for your mindset and how you feel in your home.

If you can, sell the unwanted items on platforms like eBay.co.uk to raise some much-needed funds for your home or your next house move. It could be something you try and do in one go, or you could try and commit to five minutes each day where you go around your home and get rid of the clutter. This can also be strangely satisfying as you begin to see the difference it could make.

Give your home the ultimate spring clean and tackle the big jobs

Spring has sprung and so comes out the list of jobs that you try and only do at least once a year, but doing them could make the biggest difference to your home. First of all, consider giving your home a deep and thorough clean. Mop floors, clean windows on the inside and the outside, and clear out the gutters. You could also use this opportunity to clear out cupboards and give them a good clean. Then tackle spaces like your garden and give that a tidy up and also take some time to reorganise other areas in your home like sheds and garages.

Even the loft or attic space could probably do with some reorganisation. A quick look online will highlight some of the best lists or actions you can take to give your home the biggest spruce up, from cleaning schedules to reminders it could be the ideal way to improve your home.

Could you add to your home in any way?

Finally, could there be other ways that you could improve your home? Perhaps looking at ways of adding more usable spaces or value. If you have a garage, could this be used better than just a dumping ground for things you no longer want or need? You could consider a garage conversion which could create another living space or a utility space off your kitchen. Do you have space on the side or rear of your property where an extension could be possible? While it may be quite an expensive thing to do adding square footage to your home is always going to give you the biggest returns on your investment.

The extensions could be to create larger kitchens, or an open plan kitchen and living environment maybe. You could also extend into the garage where you can give yourself an extra bedroom.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration on how you can make the most of your home.

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