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Update | BFP

4 weeks - 5 weeks 3 days

I woke up today thinking that it was going to be day one of five of Clomid. Something told me to wait, to check that there wasn't anything in there that could be jeopardised by the Clomid. So I peed on a stick and voila - those two pink lines. Bursting into tears and calling Connor, I was an emotional wreck. Having gone from thinking we'd miscarried possibly a mere two days prior to now having that positive pregnancy test. It was happiness, worry, anxiety and excitement all in one.

I went to work an emotional mess. Still not knowing if it was real, fearing that every twinge was going to be AF showing her ugly head and proving that the little test was wrong. when I got back home, I quickly went back upstairs to check the test and that there were two lines still there. 

Symptoms were minimal but progression as were the test lines. All is good... 


Evenly achy and sensitive boobs. Not as sore as when AF is going to arrive.
 Tiredness, like I've never slept for a year. I would sleep for 10 plus hours sometimes and it not make a difference.
 Needing to wee - a lot, especially during the night or early morning.
 Starting to go off foods I once loved - vanilla cream biscuits, Salt & Vinegar Pringles (I'm disgusted with Pringles)
 Dull achy and crampy along the outer parts of my lower stomach, back and top of my legs and thighs. This has been worrying me although I know its totally normal.
 Sneezing! Crazy sneezing every day. I don't have a cold though.
 Dry tickly throat especially at night which keeps me up.
 Hungrier or at least in the sense I wake up gutting, or it wakes me up at night. Whereas it never would normally.
♥ Going off certain foods - chocolate, sweet things mainly. 
 Craving burgers. 

What I did

* started taking liquid vitamins. They smell disgusting but, don't taste as bad as they smell.
* Stopped taking Tramadol which I use for my fibromyalgia.
* Stopped drinking coffee and other herbal drinks.

We are over the moon, so far we've done 17 tests to see line progression and we're hoping for the best for August 2018. 


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