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Showing Your Home More Love In 2018

Your home is not just a home. It’s often the glue that keeps you and your family life together. Would your life be the same without the home you live in? Of course not. This should emphasize the fact that keeping your home in order is much more than simply practising good hygiene and cleaning habits. It means imbuing your home with love, and by extension imbuing yourself and all those members of your family with the same care.

But how can you show your home more love in 2018? Our following guide should help you:

Care About The Bed

Your bedroom matters. Not only is it the place you will share with a lover if you’re so lucky, but it’ll be the place you can relax and feel truly vulnerable. That’s a pretty special and dare we say it a sacred thing to own. This means that caring about the bed is an act of love in itself. First of all, you need to make it a pleasant place to stay. Purchasing new bedsheets and even a new mattress to help your comfort levels can be a great place to start, as can purchasing more cushions and pillows.

Your bedroom is the place where ‘too many home furnishings’ is not a concept that holds validity, of course with the reasonable attitude of avoiding fire hazards. We’d recommend furnishing it with as much loving ornamentation that you can, however. If you have a spare table, why not have a dedicated incense burner? Failing that, you might like to house some glass contained candles that emit a wonderful fragrance. It might be that you find pictures of your closest loved ones, or purchase a reading lamp. It could be as simple as tidying your bedroom to make it a loved yet organized space.

Home Care

Generalised home care is something that makes you feel in control of your home. If it’s too cluttered or feels unkempt, then you are likely to do so too. This behaviour also extends to your personal upkeep. You might not believe it, but it’s true. Making sure you keep your home tidy is the first step to keeping the rest of your home in order. This cannot be achieved without great storage space though.

We’d recommend methods to create more space in your home, such as organizing items in select areas, bringing in more furniture with tidy storage containers, or even building extra closets such as a shelving unit or pantry.

Sometimes, tidying means selling things. While it’s hard to let go of some belongings, it’s important to stick to some cleaning maxims. For example, if you haven’t used an object in over three months, submit it ‘for review’ in terms of whether you actually need it or not. Sometimes, getting rid of your old baggage can help the property you live in feel new, refreshed and always updated.

Fun Space

Every home should have a ‘fun space.’ This can be a games room, an area with a desktop PC or a console couch. It’s important for you to have the space to bond as a family, and this could and should include something interactive which you both can play. This doesn’t mean that your home space should be large and be accommodating for your own rec room featuring a pool table, pinball machine and many other excellent home furnishings. It simply means that you find a space specifically for that purpose.

For example, bringing in a chess table you can also play board games on can help you and a friend slowly socialize over a couple of beers on a workday night. Your fun space will depend on who you are and what you enjoy, but be sure to lovingly craft it. For example, if you have the room to make your living area even better, consider buying and placing vintage movie posters on your walls with their own lighting. This can help you feel happy and connected in your own space, and also make you feel proud of your living area no matter how humble it is.

Be Loving

At the end of the day, your home is your home, and this is where your most loved memories will occur. Always be loving in this space, and try to act in a way that respects the space. This can be accomplished through cleaning, bringing in pets and generally feeling grateful for the space you do have.
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