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20 Things || What You Need to Realise Before You're 20 & 30 Years Old

1. Jealous friends are far more dangerous than those who you consider as your enemies.

2. Don't be afraid to show people that you are smart. Smart has always been the new sexy.

3. Acting dumb, silly or Paris Hilton like gets you nowhere except being labelled as immature or childish.

4. Time doesn't heal wounds. You just learn to accept and move on.

5. Everyone lies. Just don't lie to yourself.

6. You're never too young to make good habits. Start looking after your skin, exercise, meditate and resolve any open issues as soon as you can.

7. Time is the greatest gift you can give someone. Make sure you gift it well.

8. Each day is a fresh start and new beginning so, make the most of it. Don't wait until the end of a relationship or the start of a new year to start a new path.

9. Things end. It's not always someone's fault, sometimes things end just because they have nowhere to go. Understanding this is key to moving forward.

10. You don't have to know it all. You do, however, have to be willing to keep learning after education ends.

1. You'll never have it all. Learn to take care of what you have and you'll soon learn that it's all you ever needed anyway.

2. Everyone is different. Don't try to change other people's viewpoints as you'll just be wasting your time. Learn to accept or keep schtum.

3. Stop blaming others. Being accountable for your own life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

4. No is a sentence. You don't need to justify it with an answer.

5. There will always be someone who doesn't like you or what you do or someone who makes life a little tougher - there's nothing you can do to change that. Accept it, get on with your own life happily and confidently.

6. At thirty, you'll still not have your shit together but you become better at acting as though you do.

7. You're going to be surrounded by critics, don't be your worst one.

8. Your only limitations are those in your mind and are not those set by your age.

9. You need to get over your allergy of ''exercise'' pull up your big girl panties and get it done.

10. Relationships need to be a partnership. If you're constantly complaining that your other half doesn't do x, y or z consider... do you? Is everything you do in the relationship for yourself? When was the last time you did x, y or z to help your partner just because YOU cared and didn't want something in return?


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