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Thirty Something Skincare | Hylamide Low Molecular HA Serum

I've talked about my skin woes so much lately across social media and on here and once again, here I go talking about my skin woes again. Lately, it's been a topic that I've discussed because I've simply had enough, I've come to realise that the GP's and hospital consultants actually aren't of any benefit to me and my skin and instead I've researched the hell out of skincare issues, health causes and resolutions. Weirdly I've thoroughly enjoyed doing the research and, I'm starting to see results.

I've gone right back to basics, I use Sudocrem when I'm desperate and I use Deciem products to nurture my skin from the inside and outside. I've now tried a few of their products and continued trying new products from their ranges because I've been so impressed. I love that they make the science clear, their ingredients are clear and the results are clear. There's no overhyping and false promises, no paying excessively for packaging and there's no chance these won't make some positive change to your skin (of course this is going to vary depending on your issues and how you use them and how long you use them).

I previously blogged about Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age Serum, the product pictured above is from the same brand but is apart of their booster series and works alongside your normal moisturiser or serum but it's recommended to use with the SubQ Anti-Age Serum.

The Low-Molecular HA, just like the SubQ contains hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body and more so the skin. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin taut, plump and youthful-looking and as we age our HA naturally decreases causing the slack skin around the jawline, fine lines, wrinkles and hollowed cheekbones. By adding HA back into our routines we're basically just filling those gaps as the HA bonds to water to plump the area, giving us the smooth and youthful appearance we don't want to let go of.

Chances are you've even heard of HA across the bloggersphere and internet as it was a holy grail ingredient for a few years and still remains up there, you'll find that's the main ingredient in many anti-ageing products and you'll find that many brands bump up their price points too because consumers 'must have it' this time, however, the ingredient is actually an amazing anti-ageing ingredient and not being falsely hyped.

The only problem that you'll find though is that the HA needs to be a certain size to be absorbed and used by the body. Most brands don't factor this in so you're actually going to be doing more damage to your skin than good because the skin will pull out more moisture and become hydrated as the HA sits on the surface of the skin rather inside the skin layers. However, Hylamide has taken this into account when creating this product.

To use this product is very easy, you simply squeeze the dropper and apply either directly to the face or your hands. Then smooth using circular motions until it absorbs - the absorption rate is very quick in my opinion, especially compared to other somewhat similar products of similar consistency. 

After applying the HA serum, I then apply my normal eye creams and facial moisturisers and make-up as required. I find the HA works not only as a great addition to my skincare routine but as a primer also. It's still early days as to whether this ''works'' however I just turned thirty-four and, I think its definitely slowing the look of fine lines and the scary ageing skincare woes that are speeding their way towards me. 

I know there's no such thing as stopping ageing, but I do think there are things that we can do to improve and care for our skin on a molecular and internal level - this along with diet, stress reduction, hydration and laughter are a great start. 

You can pick Hylamide Booster Low Molecular HA Serum at Look Fantastic and also your local Boots. 


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