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Local Eats | Koku-Shi Japanese Restaurant

I don't know about you, but sometimes I really crave Japanese food and prior to finding out about Koku-Shi, I really had to venture much further afield to satiate my Japanese food cravings (Usually Edinburgh or further) - that sucked so when I found out that Koku-Shi was closer to home, I had to try it out.

Koku-Shi is Fife's first Japanese/Sushi Restaurant, where they offer an array of different Japanese dishes for both sitting in and taking away. One thing that stood out about this place is that they offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options - something that is a breath of fresh air, especially for those of us with allergies or special meal requirements. 

We went here for an early dinner today and felt that it was worthy of mentioning, especially since we both have a keen interest/passion in Asian cuisine. 

When we entered the venue we noticed that the place was spotless and well kept. The time we arrived was just before peak times, so we were lucky enough to be the only customers. The atmosphere and decor are very relaxing and welcoming - something that is mirrored in their hospitality (We were greeted by a very lovely woman, who was very friendly and didn't leave us hanging). 

What we ordered

Elyse chose salmon okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese savoury grilled pancake made with cabbage, topped with salmon, mayo and okonomiyaki sauce - which is made with tomato ketchup, Worcester sauce, honey, and soy. She also had a portion of Kimchi, which we shared (We can eat this stuff until it's coming out of our ears, literally!), and some Japanese chips. She loved her food and stated that she would "gladly have it again". I tried it also and found it to be very moorish. 

As a side note, Elyse is a total chopstick newb, and the staff were more than happy to provide her with one of those "chopsticks with stabilisers" to make it easier for her to eat. I am a veteran of Japanese cuisine, so I schooled her in the arts of properly presenting mouth with food. 

I went for the Katsu chicken curry, a very tasty deep fried chicken cutlet, chopped, and covered in a very mild, sweet and very addicting sauce. My stomach is usually very sensitive to chicken (Have you ever heard of someone with a chicken intolerance?), so I often judge places on my bodies reaction to it; I was very much fine and alive after eating the chicken here, so it gets my vote automatically! 

We ordered the Japanese Style chips and Kimchi to share. Kimchi can be eaten by the jar in our house so it's only natural we ordered the kimchi salad as a side. We also ordered some kimchi to take home. The Japanese chips were incredible, sure they look like standard chips however they have furikake flavouring and kelp on them which gives them this incredibly salty, savoury and umami taste. 

In conclusion

Japanese food is a treat for us and finding a place that serves it, to such a high standard, is a rarity - the crappy chain restaurants you might find in the capital leaves you with a bad impression of the Japanese cuisine, but the food served in Koku Shi, is in a tier of its own and matched with the impeccable hospitality, you will leave with a happy belly and an equally happy face. You can check out the Koku-Shi menu over on Scoffable. 

P.S they announced over on the Koku-Shi Kirkcaldy Instagram that they are considering adding Ramen!! Hoo-rah!! 

* Not sponsored, collaboration - we purchased ourselves* 

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