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How to Create Space in Your Home That You Didn’t Think Existed

How many times have you found yourself wishing you had more space in your home? How often does it feel like you are living in an obstacle course where you have to jump over or shimmy around items just to make it across the room? This is a very common complaint that homeowners have, which is why so many have the dream of upsizing to a bigger space. However, you may not be giving your house the credit it deserves, and you may, in fact, have a lot more space than you think.

Here we’ll take a look at a variety of tips you can use that will help you to create space in your home, open up rooms, and give you that sense of airiness that you’ve been after.
Get Rid of Over Sized Furniture

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that people make is either buying too much furniture or buying pieces that are too big for the home. Just because you love a piece of furniture, doesn’t mean it’s going to work in your home. Take a critical walk through your house examining each and every piece of furniture you own. Look for pieces that seem imposing, take up a large amount of room, or aren’t really used to their full potential. These are the pieces that you could probably downsize.
Examine Your Current Storage Situation

No matter how big or small your home is, it’s necessary to have storage. Proper storage allows items to be stored neatly and in an organised manner that takes up as little space possible. If your drawers, cupboards, and closets are all over-filled and items are spilling out all over the place, then there’s a good chance you need to re-think your storage solutions.

Things such as closet organisers, better shelving in your kitchen cupboards, floor to ceiling shelving, under the bed storage containers, and multi-purpose furniture items with built-in storage can all be extremely helpful. With that said, sometimes you just have too much “stuff” to store at home. In that case, you may want to look at off-site storage solutions.

A perfect example of when this can make sense is if you have an extensive wine collection. Maybe you love to collect different vintages, which means you need a proper way to store them so that they don’t get ruined. A great way to do this is with the Corsham Cellars through Octavian Vaults which provides wine cellar storage that will keep your wine in top shape and provide you with some much-needed space in your home.

Do a Major Cleaning 

The final tip is to do a major cleaning of the entire home. This isn’t just a vacuuming and dusting of the space, rather it is a major cleaning that will have you going through your belongings in each room and getting rid of items you don’t use or need. You may be surprised at just how much you have laying around that you could get rid of, making more and more space.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea that you don’t have enough space in your home, but in reality, by using these tips you can make better use of your space.

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