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5 Top Luxury Travel Experiences in Myanmar

When planning a luxury holiday to Asia, many may think about Bangkok’s world-class destinations or incredible Bali Island with high-end beachfront resorts, Myanmar is a hot travel spot you should immerse in. This fabulous country promises both natural and cultural wonders that are less known to the world. 

For the first-timer, these top expert-picked travel experiences can feature in your lifetime holiday to Myanmar:

Balloon Bagan
Bagan forms the highlights of any luxurious, private Myanmar Tour. This magnificent archaeological treasure of Myanmar impresses all its visitors by the number of pagodas, grateful local arts art, fascinating traditional workshops and mesmerising landscapes.

There are multitudes of options to appreciate the stunning of Bagan but Balloon Ride is probably the best. During the sunrise time, you will have a chance to fly over the temple`s spire, experience the bird-eye view spreading from Irrawaddy River to as far as Minanthu stupa Minanthu stupa.

Inle Lake Photography
Lying on the top of many bucket lists for Asia, Inle Lake is the most visited spot for photographers who want to capture the uniqueness of Myanmar. From fascinating stilt village to floating garden, from ancient temple ruins to unlike rotating markets, Inle offers a great source of photogenic inspiration.

No matter whether you are a professional photographer or just want to soak up the fun with your camera lens, you can enjoy the fabulous shoots in Inle with different photography workshops offered by local tour operators

Mergui Archipelago
Mergui is a wealthy treasure for tropical paradise seeker. If the names like Shark Cave, Horse Shore Island or Lampi Marine Park do not inspire you enough, there are still 800 wild islands to surprise you in this archipelago. Though Mergui shares the border with the busy coastline of Phuket, Thailand, it remains intact.

Imagine about a wonderful holiday, setting sail through amazing islands filled by dense rainforest, covered by a soft powdery beach without any footstep. It is now the best time to privatise a luxury yacht for your own and enjoy the lifetime adventure out to the azure waters of Mergui before it becomes touristic.

Cruise from Mandalay to Bhamo
There is no better way to explore the rich waterways of Myanmar by embarking on an Irrawaddy River Cruise. Amongst the interesting choice ranging from 2 days journey from Bagan to Mandalay or 17 days to the unexplored Chindwin, the adventure to Bhamo is incredibly different. This luxury cruise allows you to not only spot the pristine nature of north Myanmar but also give you the chance to live in the local culture. 

While onboard, luxury cruises like Road to Mandalay ensure your luxury with fresh pool, high-end services or comfortable cabins, you will be quickly tempted by every day’s shore excursions to the unknown spots, witness local life like no other. Part of the reasons why many people take this trip is to photograph the Irrawaddy Dolphin!

Adventure Putao
For those who are seeking for the most thrilling mountainous adventures in the country, Putao is the place to be. What you can do in the rugged Putao seems endless: exciting Malikha River rafting, trekking the wild peaks that are less conquered in Asia like the roof of Southeast Asia - Hkakabo Razi summit, hill tribe treks. 

Putao is exclusively reserved for travellers who can afford more than $150/ day since your experience is guaranteed unique and authentic.



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  1. Nice experience, for me it also an epic concerts in new countries from favourites bands.


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