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Beard Love | Lush - Kalamazoo Beard & Facial Wash

When we were down in York last year I was dragged into the Lush shop by the woman. I had never been before, so immediately after entering the smell of all the products hit me - it's a nice and natural smell that doesn't smell synthetic at all. I'm also someone who hates to shop, so this is one of the last places I want to be. In saying that, I think that the experience is softened by how friendly the staff is and their willingness to help their customers. 

If you suffer from "shoppers road rage" this shop will be your worst nightmare, as it's very busy due to its popularity - make sure you bring a pole to move people out of your way!

After browsing a lot of the products 
- albeit not by choice initially, I noticed all of the products seem to be made in-store by the staff or by Lush themselves. The woman found a small black tub named "Kalamazoo" which is marketed as a beard and facial wash for people with, you guessed it, beards.  

As you may or may not know, I sport a beard, and when it comes to looking after it proper products are needed if you want it to grow out and stay healthy. I had to shave my beard off last Summer because I didn't take care of it and it split and became really dry and frazzled - I don't plan on going down that route again so I decided to pick it up and add it to our basket. 

The product itself is called Kalamazoo and it comes in a small black pot, filled with a cream coloured product that smells fresh and juicy with the predominate aroma being pineapple. 

Ingredients include Almond oil, apricot kernel oil, fresh pineapple juice, jojoba oil, lime oil and Brazilian orange oil. All good stuff apparently. 

The brand themselves describe Kalamazoo as a beard and facial containing fresh pineapple juice, almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaรงu which is aimed towards furry faces. The ingredients all work together to hydrate, moisturise and deep clean your face and hair. 

One thing I noted was that the smell of the product smelled natural and didn't make you think that it was polluted with loads of chemicals, something a lot of products suffer from. Not only is this great for your skin, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that the product is natural. 

I always apply this product when I'm doing my shower routine, and it takes little to no time at all. Simply scoop out a portion and apply it directly to your beard or face and then massage it in. I tend to leave it in for a little bit, usually when I'm washing my hair, but you can just rinse it out and pat it dry immediately. 

The woman has promised to not nick my wash but I secretly think she might be. She has hinted that this is ideal for shaving cream (yeah, I shook my head at that statement too) I won't allow her to use it on her legs, she'd need to buy her own. But I suppose if you wanted to gift your loved one their own pot of beard and facial cream for their own hairy regions it would work. 

Overall, I found this product to be very good and I did feel that it made my beard smell amazing and made it appear and feel far more healthy. It's definitely made me want to try more Lush products and has made me rethink my skincare and beard care routine. 


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  1. This article looks like a completly advertising and ingredients looks like it's only a cosmetic thing that just make some smell, not really help your skin and beard.

    1. I can only presume that you know zilch about hair or dermatology. I suggest doing a little research before making bold claims such as the one you state above, especially when you're own website - Legit Online is simply an advertisement and sales pitch. Good day.


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